Fake Drunk? Real Drunk.

wasted – w4m

wasted. im preetty wasted. my friednnn got me drunk and now i’m wasted and horny. i think i can stahy up for a little to at least email and get you my address. but then again, i may barf. i really don’t think a nblow job is good rigth now because that would definiately make me thworw up.

reply with a pic and tell me why you likw drunk gorls…


Posted Los Angeles 2:49 AM

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Oooooof. Yup, 2:49 AM. I was drunk, I admit it. Not necessarily as drunk as the post portrays, but I did pass out and forget that I had put anything up until the next afternoon when I started finding the emails. The through line of the responses was pretty consistent, “because drunk girls are horny as FUCK” and that you can easily take advantage of them. Seems that the drunk-girl stereotype was nailed fairly accurately by myself and boys who love them. I myself find drunk girls annoying and hard to deal with. I will assume that the 137 dudes that answered the ad were willing to drive to a drunk girl’s house hoping to get to have sex with some passed out girl who may not remember it happening in the morning. This is where the sexes differ. I don’t know any girls who will drive through LA at 3 in the morning to have sex with some drunken dude she’s never met. Well maybe one, but that girl will probably charge you some money.

So, figure most of the emails went something like this…


Hello, Drunk girls are the best because they just give in to their innermost desires. They just want to be satisfied as anyone else. And there are no messy feelings or emotions to ruin a good moment of pure lustful sex. So what do you say to feeling my tongue on your dripping hot wet pussy and making your cum at least several times so I can savor your sweet nectar. And then we can fuck like there’s not tomorrow and have a blast with no regrets later.  All you have to do is tell me where to go and I’ll be there in a hurry but will surely last much longer Blah blah unihibited, blah blah like to fuck, blah blah blah.


Some are more eloquent about it. I like drunk girls because they wake up the next morning and say oh my god what have I done! Plus their asshole is more relaxed when you force it in! True story.


The Couple: I like drunk girls, cause they’re easy, just like me! That’s me and my man, want to come over? Xo Rebekah


Cool, I like you because you can’t type but if you still need to get fucked and cum good, let me know, no BJ necessary. Let’s do this. I’m in the valley. Call me so we don’t waste time


Hey there i read your profile and you seem like a very cool person and i like to get to know you a bit better. Im in the brentwood west LA area myself. I own my own engineering company and finishing up my MBA at night. Why dont I pick you up in my new porsche and we can go out for a coffee. I’m not sure what unintelligible mutterings made him think “drunk girl” is very cool, but the fact that he’s willing to have his new Porsche totally barfed all over is pretty awesome.


I will make it very short, since you are drunk and don’t want to read long emails.1. Open my picture (attachment) 2. If you like what you see, call me 3. I come over and take care of you tonight. The answer to your question about why I would like adrunk girl, is because alcohol has a way of bringing to the surface your true self — both the good and bad. I want to know somebody at her true self. I really hope that my “true self” is not a vomiting slut. I’m pretty sure it’s not.


because their easy, like sun. mornin……..


Carful now. “drunk girl.”


Go to bed you horny slut. If you wake up in the morning with a hangover you are a fool. Drink 2 glasses of water and take two asprin/tylenol/whatever RIGHT NOW!!! heheh you made me laugh.


I like to fuck women in the mouth until they barf. About me: 6’0″ 195 Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes White (Native American & German) Divorced Father of 1 Non-smoker and Social drinker I wonder if this guys divorce was cause by him mouthfucking his wife until she barfed, repeatedly.


By 4 AM, it had slowed down, but the emails kept trickling in. Sometime around 4:30 AM, Hey Baby Girl how u doin? im down to come over and help you fall asleep.i love when a drunk girl tells me what to do. i like the thought of taking care of a drunk girl and knowing i can take advantage of that but having the discipline not to take advantage. i like to please you before you please me…get back to me asap so we could keep eachother company. call me,


And at 8:30 am, the last one showed up.

How hung over are you? 🙂