Losing My Religion

i was never good at this lent thing – w4m 29

so yesterday was ash wednesday, the first day of lent. i’ve already eaten meat, and would like to eat more (wink)!!

i was supposed to give up sex for lent, but i’m whorey and i lasted about 6 hours…

did you get your palm ash cross thumbed on your forehead? if not, i still have mine and would love to give a matching one, or maybe mine can just rub off on your stomach.

so, if you’re totally into jesus, then let’s give him something to forgive us for.


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Expanding my world outside LA continued one lovely ash Wednesday as I blasphemed my way straight to the gates of Hell. Not that I’m a religious girl. That’s probably the reason I can post ads like this with little to no conscience. My religious upbringing was odd for where I grew up. In my elementary/jr. high class, of the 28 kids, 27 of them went to the local catholic church and subsequent CCD classes every Wednesday night. Thursday mornings were murder for me. Everyone would be talking about whatever had gone down in jesus class the night before and I would have nothing. I was raised in the Church of the Good Shepard. It was a small congregation of hippies, with no church building to speak of. The adults would meet at “the Pastors’s”  house once a month.  And once a year, the families would have a church picnic Labor Day Weekend in a forest preserve. So my exposure to spirituality was a once a year picnic where the name God was never uttered, and kids were shooed away to play when the adults had to discuss church business. When I was 13 I asked my mother what religion I was. She laughed and asked me what I thought I was. I played the game of elimination knowing that I wasn’t catholic or jewish. She tried to explain that I was some kind of non-denominational Lutheran. Which didn’t make sense since Lutheran is a denomination of Christianity, right? In any case, my faith is my own, and my God has a sense of humor and would want people to get a kick out of special days…

jesus rules baby


Sound pretty perfect….Ru up for some fun right now…I’d love to help you get your meat fix….Let’s play. I’m 6’4″ brown hair hazel eyes attractive (so I’ve been told) 215 love giving and receiving and have a hankerin for a little dining at the Y right now…If your serious get back to me and let’s make it happen till the sun comes up…..Mike


nice posting. how about meeting at a church this morning, then go back to your place? attractive 30yo WM in Cambridge, looking for sacrilage. Well sir, you are looking in the right place. Craigslist is nothing, if not sacrilegious.


Wow, the fusion of spirituality and sexuality in your post was intense. Thank you. I believe I’ll now go masturbate in a church. Did you find someone?


hey funny girl! I love it….. So how does jesus whistle these days? hmmmm? He blows air through his hands! lol….. Get it? whole through his hands….i hope you get the joke……some people it goes over there head… anyways…..I would love to meet you…..I am 40 years old…..have a place to host…….its gorgeous…..home theatre and every thing….also of note i am a chef…hope you like to eat meat!I am in great shape….. i have a picture but i can t send through cl due to its size! ciao vinny


I think you must pray to my cock


you are so full of shit…. C / L has gone too ” XXXX”


young looking 46 year old attractive married male, if that is not enough to make him cringe nothing will. I would love a chance to chat with you. I missed getting ashes due to work Hope to hear from you. I do have a picture to share if you are interested


It seems that Jack’s a busy guy…Loved your post! I’ve always said, only sinners get torepent. You thing you’re bad? I’m meeting a couple this afternoon for a hot threesome. Here’s a pic. Maybe we can do something tomorrow. Besides going to hell, for sure. Jack Who say’s you can’t find love on craigslist?


I would love to floss with your thong, lets get together, where do you live?


Ive got the whole day off and would love to create some sin of our own. But really im serious so dont let me down. If you need some cash or something i got that and some, so give me a shout back and we can start to get to know eachother maybe you can kneel and pray to my one eyed monster or something. Later baby It’s the “But really im serious” that gets me here. I wouldn’t have thought he wasn’t serious. And the “don’t let me down” part is kind of ridiculous, insinuating that a complete stranger owes him something. I adore men who try to guilt women into having sex with them. It’s the whole “you gave me a hard on, you can’t just leave it like that” thing that has always astounded me, in spite of how many times it’s worked. Sometimes it’s just easier to give a handjob than listen to it. But, I digress…



Hey, I read your listing. I too got the ashes but soon after ate meat and before bed enjoyed the pleasures of my own flesh. It is wrong to jerk it……I guess so. Any way I know I’m late, but I’d love to chat. –John



LoL I LOVE your post, you really made me laugh. I’d love to give Jesus a little shock if you’re down for it. And since I missed gettin my ashes, maybe some on my stomach wouldnt be such a bad idea lol Hit me back and let me know whatcha think honey 😉 xoxo Ash (and yes, my name is Ash LMAO)



Will you consider the following scenario……………………..I arrive and you greet me. You expect a mature professional guy………You place you hand on my crotch and something feels different……………You pull down the zipper to my pants, reach inside only to discover I am wearing a pair of pantyhose………… This enrages you and the scene changes dramatically. You become verbally abusive and insulting………………you ORDER me to remove my outer clothing, revealing that I have a pair of panties under my pantyhose….. You tell me you expected a real man but have ended up with only half a sissy /panty boy. You go to a draw, remove a strap on from the draw and tell me your going to turn me into your bitch and show me what it’s like to live as a real women. At your direction, I strip and get “fully dressed” as a women. (Panties Size 9/10, bra 38 D, and anything else you have that will fit me. while I’m getting dressed, you put on the strap on and stroke it as I get dressed. When I’m finished, you “check me out, you order me to my knees an you tell me to give you a blow job. You tell me NOT TO TOUCH MYSELF ! You make me lick your pussy, lick your ass, suck your tits and make me watch you as you finger yourself until you cum. You make me suck your fingers clean and then you have me put some lube on your cock…………..You make me get on all fours and start to fuck me slowly and you raise the tempo as you become more aroused. After you are through with me, you tell me to strip…………………and take a shower and warn, DO NOT TOUCH YOURSELF………….I go into the bathroom and get in the shower…………….I begin to shower off and you enter the bathroom……………You shut off the water and tell me that is not what you had in mind for me………….You tell me to lay down in the tub, you straddle me and you tell me to start masturbating……..As I Jack off, you pee all over me from head to foot. when you finished peeing you grab a cup from the sink and tell me to shot my load into it. As I cum, you keep asking me how does it feel to be a real woman………I shoot my load in the cup for you and you hand me the cup and ask “Are you a swallower?”…… you tell me to drink my cum………….Are you interested? I’m 58, married, live on the south shore, 6’2”, 225 lbs and would love to live out this fantasy with you. UM, I’m sorry, but I think I gave ALL of that up for Lent. Praise Jesus.