Heartbreak with a Side of Sloppy Seconds

Valentine’s Day Leftovers W4M 26

I had an awesome Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend last night, then, this morning he fucked me and decided to be a total dick. And since nothing says “Fuck You” like screwing a stranger from craigslist, I’m offering up sloppy seconds. Not showering, since I like feeling like a cum covered whore, so you must be ok knowing there’s some semen on me. If you want to blacklight my body so you can see it for yourself, have at it.

Reply with a pic if you like it dirty.


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I’m fucking disgusting and well aware of it. If you’re reading this, chances remain that you are as well. Having said that, I’ve never had a romantic/real Valentine’s Day. The only Valentine’s Day to note was 2004, and it’s not at all romantic. I had just moved into a house up in the Hollywood Hills. I had been left in charge of the roommate’s dog. I got home from work with dinner for one, expecting to have a quiet night by myself on the couch. I let the dog out, and since it was normal to leave him off the leash up there, I let him run free. That dick took off faster than Seabisquit, and wasn’t about to come back. After 20 minutes of hiking in the hills in the dark looking for him, I heard the jingle of his tags, and he burst through the shrubs straight at me. He knocked me down as I grabbed his collar, and the smell hit me. Pure, fresh skunk covered me and burned into my nostrils. Happy V-Day. Now I had to deal with the skunk covered dog. I hosed him down and put him on the front porch, but I had been skunked as well. My friend called right then, offering to bring dinner over and spend the evening. He was warned, but as he entered the house, he almost vomited. About an hour later, one of his friends that I had flirted with called me. He had just dropped his date off at home and was wondering if he could come over, aka no play on the date, looking for love from me. I fully warned him. I tried to dissuade him, to no avail. So Mr. Romance showed up and my friend left. Immediately, I knew there were going to be issues…he was about as wasted as could be. I figured if I just put him to bed, I’d be ok. Problem was, he didn’t want to sleep. Since my bedroom was a small confined space with no ventilation, the smell of skunk combined with the sweet smell of alcohol coming out his pores was overwhelming. I’m not sure who threw up more that night, but it was fucking disgusting.

And since karma always finds a way to bite me, the fooling around was problematic as well. He had the third smallest wenis I’d ever seen.

So, as you may have surmised, I have no love for the day.

The redemption in this one is that I stopped getting responses after the second day. And the fact that only 107 people responded is pretty great. That’s a fairly low number, so at least the majority of men were grossed out by it. As for the one’s who were totally into it, just remember, they are all strangers.

Hi,God this post made me sooo aroused and hard… 46, attached and bored, 6’2″, clean, safe, discreet, professional in appearance, healthy sense of humor, and high sex drive. I’m including a pic since you were kind enough to share yours. We could chat online first (yahoo… msn…) or meet somewhere nearby and safe for coffee. I’m sure your inbox will be clogged with responses, but why no give mine a chance? 😉 Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Mr. Sloppy Seconds…



I would love to have your boyfriends leftovers….and then give you another cum bath,,,,i’m a good looking guy, 28, 5’10 185, athletic build. get back to me if you want to make this happen….i can cum to you….here is a pic…hope to hear from you soon… I’m starting to realize I’m going to be reading the word “cum” 1,000 times. i’d like to cover you in even more cum. i have a nice, hot load with your name all over it… make that 1,001 times


When it’s the right dish, I thoroughly enjoy leftovers. To be even more dirty I’m not showering either, so I’ll be bringing my man funk.- Studio City


hello there, perhaps you’d like to meet soon? here’s a pic with my sis and on the set of will and grace feel like giving a stranger a blowjob? in burbank and can host


I would love to mix mine with his in or on you and fuck it, have a few other guys spunk on you as well. might as well really whore it up. Let me know if I can leave my cum for you.


Yikes! Okay!



Can you host right now? I’ll suck his cum out then ride you. No, no, no, no, no…


Hi, My name is James and I am a white male, 6’3″, 212lbs., blue eyes and short brown hair and no facial hair. I am hiv-negative and no STD’s. I am in a relationship with a white girl. My nickname on yahoo messenger is: eaterXXX there on my profile you will find pictures of me and one of my girlfriend. What I like to do is get with other women and lick on there pussy and it is okay if you recently had sex with your boyfriend and there is lots of his semen up in your pussy and on your pussy lips and on your inner thighs. Maybe you have other girlfriends that might want me to lick on there pussy and they too can be full of Cum……………………..yummy! Until…………What do you call a man who eats his own cum? Semen breath. Gross.


hey i luv sloppy leftovers i do it all the tiome, i have a pic on myspace.com and can host

Ew thank god.

I love it dirty and had some terrible valentines sex with my wife….it might have been the worst most lazy ever….so I have some built up sexual energy with nobody to let it out on….im very clean and respectful…im 28 yrs old, white, 6′ tall and 200lbs….im very discreet and this would truly be NSA….We would have to meet soon but I would love to cum over and fill you with my semen….trust me when i say im very normal and fun…ihope to hear back from you ps..i know the pic is small but its all i have …not hiding anything…i think you will like me 😉 let me cum over and cover you with my cum too

I would love to help you give the ‘fuck you’ to the boyfriend. My gf left me high and dry last night after doing the whole romance thing. I don’t have any problems with the sloppy seconds, you will be first for me today. I don’t care about the dirty thing, I will be more than happy to lick you any and everywhere you would like my tongue to go. Talk to you soon!


I’d love to join you….I fucked my girlfriend this morning and only wiped off, because I had already taken a shower before…so there’s a little of her left on my cock. I’ll hit that dirty pussy, and I’ll eat it too! 35, white male And they said romance is dead.


Dan was curious enough to write you are too funny…… just for shits and giggles…how many real responses did you get to this ad? Dan

I told him “97 and counting”.

He replied are making sure to “CC” your borefriend with all your replies? D and attached a picture of his penis. Awesome.


That shit faced loser….Let’s skipped the BF talk and: Keep your cunt rocking till you get tired. Let’s fuck until your body gets filled with cum. Send more pics you hot babe! Phil


Gotta love a girl who takes action! Yea, kind of intrigued by the situation, thinking what can I add to the mix to take it to the next level? Well, here’s my idea just off the top of my dick (it does most the thinking for me, ya know)…You’ve got about 25 “CL Lovers” to choose from about now, so take your pick…..but let me be the official event photographer. Just a regular old Poloroid (cause their fun and quick and kinda dirty/kinky). Let me pose you and Joe Stud in some hot, compromising positions or show me what a jizz soaked slut looks like.All limits respected, of course…..I’ve got about 10 shots in the camera — you keep em. Destroy them, keep them as a hot little reminder, hell, toss one in your underwear drawer for Boyfriend Dick to find (yes, he looks in there from time to time). Welcome to your ideas too….ANd of course, nothing says screw you like a threesome if you can handle it. Or when Mr Craiglist poops out…..not required but available. And…I’m required to say this, it’s a CL mens rule: I have a big, thick meaty cock! Really want to know whatcha think!!


Let me qualify the statement I’m about to make. With this project, saying “greatest email” is like saying “best friend” after the age of twenty. You’ve got 7 or 8 best friends, just like I have a dozen “greatest emails”. Having said that, “Jill” sent me the absolute greatest email ever. There’s nothing else I can say about it…

Men are bastards, shower.