From Obsession to Addiction: What It’s Like to Love Pot


pussy bongs – w4m

stoner girl looking for a boy/man willing to take bong rips from my puss. It’s kind of like a gravity bong. You insert the end of it into my vagina, light it, and as you pull it out, the vacuum from my snatch draws the smoke into it. Once filled, remove the cap, put your mouth on it, and slam it back inside me. The smoke will be forced into your lungs, with just a hint of vagina to it. Any smoke left in my pussy will be queefed back into your lungs. This way, you and my pussy get high, and i get fucked by my bong (which is probably bigger than your penis.) If I feel comfortable enough with you, i may be willing to take a hit from your asshole.

You bring the herb and be for real.

Reply with pic…



Posted Los Angeles

Alive for Four and a Half Hours posted twice in the early PM.

Total Responses: 48

Face Pictures: 23

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Pics of the Weeds: only 1


So I guess this is where we have to discuss “flagging” which results in “removing.” Those who peruse the old casual encounters have the option to flag any ads that they consider offensive or in any violating the rules set before us. Unfortunately, if you actually read the rules, ALL of them would be in violation. Subsequently, I allowed a rule for myself. Any ad could be posted 3 times. After the third time, it was over. But I never had to go all three times, that was at my discretion.

Every ad is inspired, and this one is no different. The impetus for this is pretty clear, the bowl that had been smoked right before it was posted. I had heard rumors of things like this, and I figured that I’d get a glimpse of the LA stoners in my neighborhood at the very least. The only problem with “going green” was that not all stoners are as productive or creative as I. And, they’re more likely to be passive. So I figured I’d give them something to believe in. The great almighty puss bong. L.A. is the medical marijuana capitol of the country, if not the world. All you need is a card, and if you have glaucoma, headaches, or even just a hard time falling asleep, you get your card from a pot doctor. Then, it’s like the candy store from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, with jars of herb laid out…the addicts/patients dream. I added that last “asshole” line to push it over the edge, hoping that would cut down the responses…it didn’t, not at all.


I work at a medical marijuana dispensary…and I have heard alot but this is the funnest thing I have ever heard of and slightly erotic. are you serious? I dont even know if it will work. 28 male. 6’1 220, blue eyes. are you serious? J How ironic, the guy from the pot store’s name is “”J”… this shit writes itself people.


darling i have some lovely perscription smoke for us- you are my dream come true- add two months worth of hair to my photo- as i have not had a hair cut in some time-call – marco- for really- real Really? Imagine that, a pot smoker who hasn’t had a hair cut in two months… and the emphasis with the really-real. Is that like saying I’m horny-horn? Cause I am.


Are you serious about this? I’ve got some killer 420, and would LOVE to take a hit. Get back at me. Lates, Robert

You’d think that stoners would have a crafty name for this sort of thing… I like the idea though! Sounds great! I can supply great herb! I’m really excited to try this, you’ve completely turned me onto it. Let’s do this. – 21 Um, people do have a name for this, it’s called a pussy bong.

wow thats sounds so fuckin cool , too bad I dont smoke anymore , but heyyyyy have a blast dennis


Before I continue, I have to mention that at this point I’ve gotten smart enough to open a yahoo account and not use my personal hotmail account. So, yourmom came into existence. Which means every time I respond to anybody, it comes from “your mom”. Why? Because I’m an asshole.

There was the disbeliever Ive got an 8th of saying you full of shit. And what have we learned about me? That’s right, I’m an asshole. So I responded with “you’re right, it’s more of a steamroller.” I had yet to learn to stop encouraging them. Hey mom, Sooo, You can? Maybe one of the most awkward exchanges to date.


Sounds delicious … can I lick your pussy too? David No David, because I’m a lady and I have limits.


For privacy’s sake, I won’t give you the next guys real picture, but if I could describe him I’d have to say he looked like a cross between your dad and your high school principle. that Sweet Jesus that sounds awesome – never tried it before but certainly willing to! If you like the pics hit me up – a really nice older guy, got some green, and if it should go that way, a very nice large and thick cock that gets hard as granite and stays way a long while! Long Beach guy


This sounds pretty wild. I like to be shocked. Back in England we call the gravity bong a waterfall. But then we also call cigarettes fags. Hmmm. So…why don’t you check me out on and see if I am the man to get high from your pussy. Fantastic! Mark xx PS: I’m in Hollyweird


This was when it got serious… it was only the third I’d we’d posted. Our intentions had not been made clear yet. And suddenly, the entire focus shifted. It went from a drunk experiment of the grossest nature to a full on theory. This was a close encounter. Not a direct hit, nobody I knew myself but close. Mark The Brit was a standup who’s been on comedy central and happened to be a friend of the guy I was dating at the time. So close. So close.

It was only after I had placed this ad that I talked to my brother. He informs me that his most disgusting friend had tried to turn him onto a website called Yes, it already existed. Shameless plug for the site right here. There are videos and everything. It’s at this point that all bets are off. Nothing is sacred, and nothing will be. I now know that part one of my goal, to find the ad that would garner no responses, is not going to happen.

We can end that dream right here.