Number 2, Breast Milk, It Does A Body Good. PS I’m Disgusting.

Lactating Boobs = Free Dinner – w4m 23
I’ve never had a baby, but I’ve lactated off and on since i was seventeen. Tonight’s one of those nights, wondering if there’s any men who would like to be fed like a baby.
reply with pic


Posted Los Angeles

Alive for 9 hours 39 minutes, posted evening and up through the wee hours.

Total Responses: 335 (holy shit)

Face Photos: 192

Penis Photos:11

Other Photos: 14

Number of Repeaters:  12

Men with their BMWs: 1

Men with Horses: 2

Men That I Would Be Attracted to in the Real World:  56

This is where I realized that there was trouble.  The whole universe shifted for me this day.  335 emails from men who really wanted to drink breast milk from a stranger’s tit.  And that was just the men who look at craigslist, I’m sure there’s a billion more who don’t even have the internet.  In retrospect, the whole mommy thing does seem a little obvious, but to include the actual milk into the whole picture is some what awesome to me…and not in a grand canyon kind of way, more in the holy shit kind of way.  And what were most striking were the photos.  There were so many seemingly extremely good looking men all professing their normalcy.  And I’m not saying that it’s not normal, it’s just a little weird.

feed me mamma please

i would like to be fed like a baby.  i love lactaid milk..


would love to nurse daddys bad girl where are you located do you have plans tonight

love the taste, hit me back, i’m 45, hope thats ok

I would love to have you breast feed me… just as long as I’m not required to wear a diaper…  🙂


anything for does mellons, hit me up

I love lactating boobs, can u squit them too. I save your pic of those wonderful looking boobs

damn I bring the Oreo’s just tell me where do I bring em?

nice milkers

i love milk and would love to suck on your big tits.im23 d/dree and want to stay that way.

WAAAAA.  Waaaaa. I need milk.  Please feed me.  Waaaa.  Hope to hear from you.

i want to taste some sour milk

Ma Ma Can you feed me Ma Ma Can you suck me


42 yo attractive and in shape Daddy, 6′, 170, brn/blu and very openminded would LOVE to feed from those beautiful orbs of milky pleasure. call me.  i do have pics Orbs…meh.

Hey,Your picture got me hard!  I’m really normal and believe it or not this is my first dick pick sent over the internet.  I’d love to suckle your breasts tonight.  I will drink til the well runs dry.  Then I might move lower to get a drink of you love nectar! Maybe we can aim if you want. Peace,

Hi I would and I really need the protein i just came back from a 15mile run.


hey whats up, nice pic! but anyway my name is troy, I am 6’3 and 212 pounds, I play football and I just really want some of that milk so I can use it in my daily intake of my diet. heres a picture of me, you can put it in a jar or a cup if you want to, or I can just suck on them if that suits you best. if you have any questions then email me back   thank you

I love breastmilk more than anything in the world and I would give my home, car, pension and annuities to any woman that would let me nurse and suckle all the milk from her that she has! This is not a joke.  Kisses.  Greg  This is a doctor…

thats the first time i have ever heard of that.  i’m intertest. it turns me on. plus  i am a doctor. so i have some medical curiosity as well:) i’m 28, tall dark and handsome type, if u are still looking for a guy tonight, ill send my pic(it always gets blocked if i attach it with the first message) i’m nice, safe and clean. hope to hear from ya


i always wondered how it tastes- like blood? sorry but i don’t have ANY scanned pics of anyone or anything including myself but i’m latino, 58, 170 lbs, and okay to good looking, 6″, have my own place/car so I can host. let me know if you’re still available and i’ll reply with a number.

I’d like to.. but did you know that HIV can be transmitted through breast feeding?  That has me worried a little.  Have you been tested recently? My name’s Ryan by the way.  I like your boobs.


Hi I am a girl writing you and was wondering if that is true. You leak liquid out of your breast because I did started at age 16…and my periods were not regular I found out I had a condition… If this is true I would like to pass on some information you may not know about for your health  A concerned friend Cindy

Hopefully Cindy doesn’t run into this man dude, i’d love to suck those tits.  i don’t mind waiting my turn.  tell me where and when. me on the left with jonathan vilma linebacker ny jets denny Uh dude?  Where do I start?  First, you called me dude.  Second, you don’t mind waiting your turn?  Third, you get it, I don’t need to say it.  See, it’s ruining me and we’re only 4 hours in.

There were two gentlemen named Rod Yummy.  Love breastmilk.  Drinking it, having it squirted on me.  I’m 41 white male, 5’8″, 195 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes.  Looking for fun.  I’d love to suck on those milky titties… rod marina del rey Then there was “rod smear” oh god..i sure would like to meet you…you would hold me in your arms..while my mouth opened for you..and took you inside ..while i sucked ..and ..sucked…please let me know if you are interested…  love, rod As lovely as it sounds, I think I may have to pass Mr. Smear.


Oh my God… I have been looking for a woman who has a lactating problem. Its really funny, for some odd reason or another I really like it. I have had 1 experience with a girl with lactating breasts and I loved it. I mean it just made everthing so hot and slippery. Let me know… I have attached my pic…


so much FUN….  love, love, love big tits and have nursed from a couple of women. Are you nipples sensitive? James

I would love to.  I had a girlfriend once who lactated w/o being pregnant….it was a fun time!!!!  Jimmy

Hello.. how are you doing?  I’m doing good.. I had to reply to your post!!  I dated a gilr that lacted also when she wasn’t pregnant or never been pregnant.  It turned me on sooo much.. Couldn’t tell you why but it did.  🙂  I just sucked on the and sucked till I was full!!  j/k.  Anyway,   a lil about me..  I’m a 26 year old normal black male.   Work full time in downtown Los Angeles but live closer to Pasadena.  Hope we can hook up tonight for a little dinner  🙂     I really hope to hear from you!!!!  Jason OK Jason, profess your normalcy to the young lactating lady on craigslist.  I totally believe you.


Hi..thank you for your ad….do you accept men who are like babies?….ie.diapers?….also. is there an age limit for what you are seeking?….I am older, but the ageplay/role reversal sounds interesting…I am male,single, had to grow up fast and skipped right through babyhood.  Thank you…..Keli Enclosed is my regular photo…


Hello, well I never met a girl who was actually lactating and wants to feed a man like a baby. I have always wanted to find a girl who’d be willing to do this. Let me know if you start lactating anytime after 5p.m. on sunday. I would love it if you fed me like a baby. In return, I’ll please you sexually if you’d like. Write back soon with your responseSorry dude, never on Sundays…what do you think I am, some kind of heathen?

I’ve never tried that, would love to. i’m a TIT MAN.  please write me back. ive been thinking of lactating boobs for like 3 weeks already. nice pair BTW.! write me back!My timing is impeccable, it’s amazing!  He’s been thinking of it, and I’ve been faking it.  Star crossed lovers.

Here I was in LA with a new hobby.  In the time that I had lived here, my dating life had been at a standstill for awhile.  This was going to make sure that it stayed that way.  I’m a pretty open minded girl, if a little on the dirty side, but I found out I was going to cross my own lines on a number of occasions.  And even though it was the first day, I knew its effect on me was going to be profound.   A metaphorical hole had been filled for me.  The lack of romantic attention in my life was going to be reversed by the thousands of emails in my inbox, all but .01% responded to.  The safe kind of attention… not only entertaining, but keeping me where I wanted to be, unattached, unhurt, safe by my ability to gross myself out.

Thus, it began in earnest, this project that studies the distance between bad taste and humor, between ordinary and extraordinary, and ultimately examining the disconnection that exists in sex among strangers.