Don’t Shed A Tear

Don’t shed a tear…
A study in sad sex

Weepy Vagina – W4M 32
it seems i can’t have sex without crying. and not just tearing up out of elation, but full blown hysterical weeping upon climax. because of this, i’ve scared off everyman i’ve slept with, leaving me with a long list of freaked out one night stands. looking for a man who can handle this and maybe even join in. i’d probably feel better if i weren’t the only one sobbing.
so, i’m 32, SWF, kind of hot if like the mascara running down the cheeks look, and looking for a NSA night of doing it with someone who can handle a crier.

Even better, someone who’s turned on by it.

Reply with a pic and some words.

Posted New York, NY
Alive for eternity. Well, at least the 7 days allowed by craigslist
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Men who publicly stated that they would cry as well: 14

And with that, we shot out of Los Angeles. The impetus to post outside of the hellhole I called home came easy. It was so gratifying to post and get all these awesome responses, it was getting more and more difficult to go about my everyday life. I was unable to meet a strange man’s glance, and certainly not willing to sleep with anybody. To save my own sanity, and to see if the New Yorkers are any different in their needs, I went to the right coast.

As the weeks went by, more and more of myself was going into the ads. Although I had not yet cried during sex, I was becoming more and more sensitive about it. 32 and living in LA was certainly a challenge. Having hit a career goal only slightly offset my lack of love in Los Angeles. So despite my ability to hold it together while engaging in coitus, I was still crying on the inside. I guess I was seeking sympathy for my imagined ills.

The New York aspect of this ad changed everything and says a lot about the differences between the coasts. This ad never was never flagged or removed, whereas every ad in LA had been taken down pretty quickly. What this says is New Yorkers don’t give a fuck about what anybody else is doing, while LA idiots are far too involved with OPP (other people’s pussy) and that if the only way they can have any sense of power is by flagging a craigslist ad, then so be it.

There was also a dichotomy with the ads. Split about 50/50, was the sympathetic, “my girlfriend used to do that” and the “I’ll give you something to cry about.” A lot of men wanted to know WHY.  And they all thought the vulnerability of it was super sexy.  Mostly it proves the theory that most men LOVE crazy girls…

The sheer amount of replies was one thing I hadn’t counted on until now. Getting through them the first time was intense, and the second time was overwhelming. Hours of emails, so daunting that minor writer’s angst was setting in, seriously setting in. In fact, this chapter sat longer than any other, half finished until a bottle of scotch made me whittle it down from 30 pages. So I start the only way I know how… with the best response ever:




do you cry when you suck cock? The answer to that exact question is no. I’ve never blubbered during fellatio. However, the destruction of my faith in man has had me wailing.


You better see a shrink!

Hi. I can do you even better. I’m a psychologist in training (also pre-medical graduate). We can take a look at whether or not your crying fits are psychological, or physical. But of course, I order to see, we’d h ave to fuck 😉 I’m willing to take as many tries and as long as it takes in order to cure you. Yes, very selfless indeed =P If you’re interested, I’ll do some research tonight on your “weepy vagina”. Im Asian, 5’8″, in-shape, intelligent, discreet, well equipped, disease free (and I hope you are too), drug free, drinks ocassionally, pretty laid back =)


Hello :). I’m a 38 yr old white male who is very interested in your ad…. I dated a girl awhile back who would cry during sex…At first it distressed me, and I would stop and be concerned…but she assured me that it wasn’t about me and that she really was enjoying herself…. We dated for 6 months and I began to really like her tears….I would even encourage them at times…call her names, pinch her nipples hard….I REALLY liked the crying… I miss that….Would like to hear more about your theories on why you cry during sex…. I’d love to make you cry sometime : Brian 32, 5’9″, 165, shaved head, blue eyes….d/d


I’ve been there and done that… dealing with a crying girl after sex…. more than once. I turn into a hugger when my girl cries. What else can I do, I always feel so bad, I think it’s me but they always say it’s not. This may sound strange, but I do feel closer when I’m holding a crying girl. I mean, she just opened up to me sexually, now emotionally. Anyway, yes I can handle, it but I don’t think I can cry with you, unless we are watching ET in bed. Everytime that alien dies, I turn into a cry baby. I’m white, 34, fit, fun and understanding. Brian Good luck with the search, let me know how it goes.


I am 28 years old and from Dublin, Ireland.I work in film production and I am a fun, happy, smiling and sweet person (I hope).You sound hot. In fact, although the idea has never occurred to me, the thought of a lady weeping as we make love has made a little excited. In particular, what you wrote about your mascara.I am quite an emotional guy. I regularly cry at the cinema or when reading a book and even sometimes when I see old people walking down the street alone.I feel particularly silly when I see them meet someone further on down the street and start to laugh as I always imagine them as lonely and depressed. If I am in someone’s company who is crying I find it hard to resist welling up myself. Give me a chance to taste each other’s tears. I love the salty taste of a girl’s tears as I try to console her and in particular the face they make(the little forced smile) when they look up and try to force themelves out of their mood. The moments after sadness, the hugs are so satisfying. Things always seem so positive. The sun coming out from behind the clouds etc. :@ This email is a bit of a mess but please ignore its rushed compositiona and give me a chance to chat anyway.If not, best of luck finding the right guy to comfort you.


You are not the first woman I have encountered with this issue(for lack of a better term) I have had several women commence to crying during or after climax. At first I thaught it was me, and that they were faking the climax to get me to cum, and get it over with. Cuz like maybe I was a terrible lover or something. And the tears were frustration over having choosen to fuck a person they want nothing to do with. But would not just come out and say fuck off. Anyway that happened a few times. On one occasion the women offered the explination that it was here best, and it was the most extreme orgasm ever. and it just made her cry that she may not get to see me again. (my choice). However she was full of crap, and was cring cuz she was afrain her boyfriend was going to find out she fucked a guy she picked up in a bar. (me) Then I read your post, and it makes me think, hey, wait a minute here. Maybe its not me. Maybe I am not such a looser. Maybe I did make those women come so intensly they cried there eyes out.Im not so great looking, and im not exactly slim, but Im not fat and ugly either. And Im not hung so big, and have obvious inferiority complexes Froid would be baffled by, but its good to know there are women like you who get into releasing stress by crying during\after sex. Turns me on, and gives me ideas on how to make love to a sensitive women, like you are. Cudos! I hate to be the one to break this to you, but they’re crying because they’re having sex with you, you just said so. Just your spelling makes my eyes misty.



i would love for you to model for me, take pictures of your face while you climax



you had the most thought provoking post i’ve read in a long time. you sound delicious, and i want to be a part of your cries of joy and yeah, it definitely turns me on
Looking for the that intense exeperience myself…..I just NEED to weep along with that beautiful weeping vagina….it is a turn on actually.


I wouldnt mind someone who cries at least its natural, not like those phonies who scream like the women in porno films



I went out with a cryer for two years. Regardless of the reason for the tears, it really makes a man feel validated if his woman cries when she cums. I like that-a lot.



you serious. um that could scare off some people.
that is like out of a movie or sitcom.
maybe you should try laughing about it at the time it is happening.
Not 100% into doing “it” I have a GF. but she is away and
I could use a 420 buddy. sucks smoking alone.
If we hang out and get along and you really need it
I would maybe pleasure you.
But I would prefer if you just wanted to have tea with a stranger.
I am 5’7″ 135 lbs. white, blonde hair, blue eyes…
and can converse for a couple of hours intelligently.


Hi there.  im surprised, because i had an experience with a girl not to long ago who did the same exact thing. So im “fucking” her as shes like crying, but really hysterical…I dont know what to do, maybe im hurtiung her,so i ask, and all i get ius these long drwan out nooo noooo’s….Ok, im only a guy, so i’ll finish, respectfully. ANyway, the night ends quiet. She left and we didnt speak for a few days. Whats surprising is that she seemed to be a cheery kinda girl, so i called her a few days later, and we went out again, i was thinking it was a one night thing ya know, bad day or something, so anyway, she does it again…..Ok, i dont know what to think anymore, so same thing happenes. Funny thing is, that we had like great sex before that, then she gets weepy on me. I wouldnt say im turned on by it, but if we hit it off that way, maybe we can roleplay it a little bit so it works out?


I cried heavily after I lost my virginity. a couple of times since, when i had kept in this deep frustration and stress for a long time. I found it to be so cathartic. I won’t run away that’s for sure. Im fascinated by this. you feel very deeply and thats what i seek. a very strong connection. im 5’10 and very cute. i promise:)

You know, most men do get aroused from a woman’s crying. It’s a chemical thing I believe. I mean, I’m not sure if it’s scientifically proven, but I do think that there is a sick trick mother nature plays on men that causes then to get turned on by making a woman cry. really! Not even sure your post was sincere, but I thought I’d send this anyway.


I am curious to know you better and more curious to know the reason why u cry??? Is it the pains or something else???
I am 27, asian, going to a grad school. I am Virgin and never had any kinda physical relations as my GF was very fussy. Yes, she was as i she recently ran away with someone. So right now all i am looking is fun and no commitments. I have had my share of pains and do not wanna feel it again.
I would love to hav sex with you and would love to make you feel better at the climax. I believe the most important part is to sit back after sex and discuss the moments.
May be we can tok more once you are interested.
P.S I cannot host as i am a student.



This would be a hard post for me to write and I am glad you did. It doesn’t seem to be something that would turn me off. A woman crying is the most disarming and beautiful sight. It can be the opening and flowing of the soul and an admitance of need or lack of wholeness that asks for comfort or a release when overwelmed and too full. It can be so honest a moment and that it comes when you do is very, very, sexy. I am a generous lover who can be a bit of an animal. 5’11”, 165lbs.(slim) swm. West Villager w/own apt. Start were you want and go as you wish.
Pic upon response partially because you sound too good to be true.



oh my god – i am a little embarassed that I was looking through these ads… I never really respond, just read some, I think most of them are such BS,
but you ad is so amazing that I just had to – i dont know respond
I cry when i am really happy – never before from anything sexual but when i am really happy or i feel very close to the truth of how things are I sort of cry… so i think an orgasm has this potential and it does not seem too logically strange!
I think it is beautiful!
so who am I, im from around new york – im 31, a composer, very free spirit and thinker – i love traveling and just living good and being alive. I’m 5’8 155lbs, in good lean shape with grey blue eyes. I smile often, sexually patient. I am completely single… I dont know what else – it is a little weird for me to write about myself
if your ad is real, and you are serious – but not in a serious morbid way, about meeting someone NSA, I would love to try and see what our chemistry is like – I dont know if i will cry too but i think i would totally appreciate it.
good luck and peace


Do you cry a great deal when you’re not having sex?


I’m not sure why I clicked to read your post — after all, the headline sounds like it’s hinting at an STD — but I’m glad I read it. So, in accordance with your request, I’m taking a pic and writing some words.I do the same thing you do. For a little while I thought it was new to me, but I recently realized that for years it’s only been a fluke or a tremendous act of willpower if I *didn’t* cry after sex. It’s kind of late, so maybe you’re already in bed with a crier. That might be for the best, because I don’t think I’m very good at NSA sex. On the other hand, before I read your post, I hadn’t considered the possibilty that my crying might be the reason for that. I certainly hadn’t considered the option of flat-out looking for other criers. I admire your courage in doing just that. I have a rule about not sending pics, but trusting that you’re being honest, I feel like I should attach one since you asked for one. That means I get to ask for one in return, right? I’m 28, single, male, and not certain what I’m looking for by answering your ad. If nothing else, I want you to know that by posting it you touched someone. And I hope to hear back from you — if not tonight, sometime soon.

Well I do find myself turned on by it, I’ll tell you that. Do you tear when you masturbate?



Wow, your talent is so cool! I read the various CAS forums (I’m from Philly myself) in search of rare people like yourself. I’d explain that my fantasies are kind of strange, but I feel like you’ll be comfortable with them. Yes, I would be into it. I don’t like to hurt girls, I swear, but when I stick my 7+ inches in a girl and see her wince I start to get off. I imagine it would be even more intense with someone like yourself (I love running mascara!). Let me know if I sound interesting, I’d love to tell you more about me. HOTTEST GUY EVER

Dear Soul,
That’s what the French mean when they say, “Apres l’amour, on y triste.”
Or as Faustus says in the play when he sees the vision of Helen of Troy,
“Tarry, thou art so fair.” Unfortunately, though we all crave something
sure and lasting, life is a series of losses, changes and goodbyes. At
least if you’re a writer, you can describe on paper how that feels, and
make others cry. Or describe how it looks, and make others laugh.
Be grateful for your tears; they are evidence of the depth and character
of your heart and spirit. (Though isn’t it interesting that it takes the
same basic muscles to cry as well as laugh?)
Cordial best,

SAw your ad on CL. WOuld love to fuck a crying woman…while you cry I’ll
cum all over that pretty face of yours..perhaps that will make us both cry
(me for pure happines about cuming on your face)
There was a picture of him and his wife, so I wrote back… “that’s a nice picture of your wife.

His response:

“Thank you. Is that a yes or no”


i love that.
i however am not a cryier.
ive paid ppl to cry during sex.
of course theyve had to talk dirty as well.
thats amazing.
i love it.
e mail me.
im nik.
pic in attachments.


Greetings from Italy. I often browse through CL ads when I’m bored; your situation, though, was so unique that it prompted me to actually write.
I’ve been with women who wept after sex before; not because the orgasm was earth-shattering (though who am I to judge, eh?), but usually because there was some kind of atypical emotional component: eg. one of was leaving town, or we hadn’t seen each other in a long time, etc.
Your situation is quite different, if I understand your posting correctly. Does the weeping begin just after orgasm? or do you begin to cry in the rush of pleasure leading up to your orgasm? It makes total sense from a purely physical standpoint that the release of sexual tension would be followed by a more general emotional relase and that weeping would be how that is achieved.
Another question: do you enjoy the weeping? Do you connect it to youru physical pleasure? What’s more, would you enjoy continuing sexual activity while you were weeping? This last possibility, I admit, is a turn-on. Perhaps it appeals to some untapped dominant side in me…dunno.
In any case, I thought I’d ask you a couple of questions. As I said, I live in Italy and am not, therefore, looking to date. What’s more, I’m happily married. However, if you find yourself in Europe and you like couples, well, that’s a different story.


Hi. You sound pretty sensitive and I’m actually intrigued. I’m asking you consider me for your Casual Encounter becuase I too sometimes weep after my orgasm. But I think I can explain it. There was a tradegy in my childhood and it kinda relates to sex in a way and there was a death to it, so I know it’s not repressed memories or anything, sometimes I curl up and weep myself. (Long story).Call me? I’m the shorter guy in pic


Are you attracted to black men by any chance? I date a woman once who not only cried, but asked me to punch her in the face. I couldn’t do that. It just felt wrong, but the crying strangly made me want it more. let me know what you think?


Dear Weeping Virgina,
I have some tissue for your tears. The problem with these tissues are they are wet and like to soak up wet delicious pussys. If your nice to me, I can bring over my tissue when I’m in town in 2 weeks. i can handle crying if you can enjoy greeeat sex and being eaten out until your eyes swell up. Have I said too much? I hope I didn’t scare you off.


is it crying of joy. Crying for loss or pain? I mean if its joy shit after I cum I’ll cry for joy too. Its been that long….


i have a gf who cries n i hate to f her cuz of that, i think im hurting her
n sometimes cant perform
which s never a problem anywhere else, perhaps we can tell each other
anecdote that can benefit each other,
help me

I can’t help you, I can’t even help myself.  Thank you New York.