With Great Power Cums Great…

With Great Power Cums Great

the power behind the power – w4m 28
everybody knows that the faces of power are really just that, faces. i want the real man behind the position.
now’s your chance to brag.
describe your greatest feat. in detail.
nothing turns me on more than hot men in politics, it’s why i moved here.

Posted Washington DC
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Face Pictures: 37
Penis Pictures: 14
Other: 11
Capital Hill Occupants: 1
Men Who Claimed To Be Senators: 1
Cops With Egos: 2

This is the grossest cliché I could think of. In a world where politicians keep getting busted for inappropriate behavior, why not lure their assistants to send me dirty pictures and gross emails. Asking for somebody drunk on power in DC is like asking for a guido with a fake tan in Jersey. Or like asking for a pasty white dude in Chicago. Or like asking for an actor with a shitty job in LA. This nation’s capitol is full of it. And so were the men that responded to this ad. Greatest feats you say? Holy shit.

What do I get for my story of helping children?
Will I do better with a story about ruining someone’s career? They deserved it.


well i’m 26 and well traveled .. i have been to over 14 countries and my greatest feat has to be when i went on safari in Africa 2 years ago.. my Brother and I went Big game hunting and we tagged us a lion.. We could’nt killl it but i tranqued it and we stood there in the middle of the plain and Stood in my glory.. The lion chatged us and roared so loud it would have shaken a small suv.. the lions in the zoo are not as they are in the wild.. i’m an adrenaline junkee and have no fear.. i sky dive and have naughty times in out of the ordinary places.. want an adventure .. hook up with me


Would love to chat with you and turn you on sometime. Let me know. You look great and I am a powerful man. Thanks I can tell how powerful you are just by the way you said it in this email. I totally believe you.


can i eat you out and toss your salad


Your photo is tremendous. I am white, drug free, disease free, smoke free, alcohol free, tattoo free and free to meet with you in DC on most days, if you can host. Discretion is mandatory, as I am the Chief Financial Officer of a company. I am interested in some No Strings Attached sex with you, if you can be discreet. Not the CFO of a company!!! No way! (also, I am NOT discreet)

From G-Money Well I think my greatest feat so far has been my ability to sanction redevelopment plans in the poverty stricken areas in the metro. What do you have in mind with this post?

My greatest feat in politics would be understanding liberals which I have come to the conclusion is impossible. Guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the power under the hood.



Hello, I am 35 never married no kids looking for sex I really love to shove my penis deep hump your butt very hard in the ass.


Hello “Power” would a single professional male who is not into politics have a chance to “Work” on your platform?

massage your anus by my tongue?


Hey, I read your ad and I’m interested… good looking, single, 32 y/o WM in the DC-area. I live in Alexandria and work on the Hill as a consultant. I’m looking for someone to enjoy some time with on a casual basis. I’ve attached a few pics – I hope to hear from you. Close to a Senator, he works on the hill…

Hey your post caught my attention. My greatest feat was banging a guess in my office with the door open and my secretary working outside the door. Your second greatest feat was skipping that proofreading class in college, wasn’t it?

I have several southern towns in my pocket, and the ear of congressmen who serve my interests. I am 26 and heir to a defense empire. If you’re interested (and real) then reply with some pics and maybe we can meet up for drinks on Pennsylvania


Hey Sweetheart,
I saw your ad, and I’d just like to let you know that the reason why you’re in this city is the reason why I love this city. Politics, I can’t wait to get kneedeep in capitol hill. As for what I’ve succeeded in doing in politics. Well, so far, I was a keep component in staving off a pending budget cut for Maryland Universities for the next academic year. I represented my university, and spoke directly with the governor with a coalition of other university representatives. We managed to convince both the governor and the general assembly of the maryland state government that cutting funding to higher education would be a terrible idea. Also, next year I will be the student rep on the Maryland Higher Education Commission. I’ll be the lone student in a group of politicians that meet monthly in Annapolis and decide what’s best for the state of Maryland’s institutions of higher education. I’ll have an office on my university’s campus right next to our president’s. Also, I’ll work directly with the governor of Maryland, I’m really looking forward to it. Finally, this upcoming summer, I will be an intern in Senator Sarbanes (D-Md.)’s office. That’s just what I’ve done in my short 19 years on this earth.
Best Regards,Vote me for president of the getting that ass wet election
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o enter our frey you need to pay a visit to the gym and try to get some sun


I am the moving force behind telecom auctions.
Billions of dollars at stake. If that gets your
juices flowing, please write back.

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My greatest feat.: well not into polics unless it involves crime.
I was in a 45 minute car chase with a carjacker and during the chase
I broke a bone in my back and still apprehended the jackass.
Does that move you?
Here is a pic

I won my 6th grade spelling bee. ME TOO!!!!!