While The Iron Is Hot

While The Iron is Hot
Write what you know…

seeking writers’ strike beard to tickle my inner thigh – w4m 33
there’s a strike on, yo! and with that strike comes all you smarty pants boys with your thick beards of solidarity.
well since i know you have nothing to do anyway, why don’t we play tickle giggle with your beard and my vagina?
send proof of the beard and something witty to verify you’re an out of work writer.
nothing turns me on like unemployment.

Posted in Los Angeles twice
Alive for 3 hours and 43 minutes total
Responses: 31
Face Pictures: 24
Penis Pictures: 1
Other: 3
Non-Writers who claimed work shortage due to strike, thusly qualifying them for a roll in the hay with a horny stranger: 3
Men who answered the ad BOTH times it was posted: 5

A writer’s strike in LA is like giving a bunch of kids a snow day, but for like a month. Nobody has anything to do but work on their one man show and seek out blowjobs (which is totally what I did with my snow days in high school.) Like shooting fish in a barrel, it was too easy. Everybody was super bored and ready hook up…

Best post of the year! Jumped off the picket lines to respond! I can even give you one of our picket signs along with my mustache and goatee… but you have to promise to soak said mustache and goatee for the sign! I write for a cable sit com.. what kind of proof can I give ya? I’m fun, playful and down to earth… a scorpio with a bit of a naughty side. 5’8, 150, br/br… but don’t let the height fool you; sometimes BIG (and thick) surprises can be found on smaller frames *wink… My pic’s below and crossing my fingers you like… Just tell me the proof you need.. I could send you a script I suppose…



Okay, maybe I’m not THE PERFECT match to your ad requirements… after all, I write
poems and short stories, not screen plays. And I’m sporting a goatee, not a full beard.
Then again, how could you say no to someone capable of writing something like this? 😉


I heed the song
Of your soft sighs
As I taste the sweat
Between your thighs

You gently sway
Your silken hips
As I drink the kiss
Of your nether lips

I sate my thirst
In your wet release
But my parched throat
Will know no peace

‘Til every drop
Has been consumed
And your ecstasy is
Fully bloomed
(taking a bow)




If you can prove to ME that YOUR beard, your VJ, looks a little like the one affixed to your posting. Only maybe a little darker 🙂 If that’s the case, you will be eaten like creme de brule…lol

I replied “you’re gonna burn sugar on my puss? no thank you!

I said eat it LIKE creme de brule. Not actual creme de brule. In other words, like it’s a fine, yummy dessert. Do we writers have to explain EVERYTHING?…lol



Hey Honey;
OK, something witty to prove I’m an unemployed writer…
A jew, a christian and muslim walk into a bar on Santa Monica Blvd and, and,
well ya see I can’t finish it because I’m unemployed. Badabump…
Here are my photos (maybe you’ll get a bigger laugh from them)
The first one proves I have a beard. The second one is what I use
when my pen runs out…OUCH! Now I need photos from you. Email me back
if serious



I’m ready for you, baby. I’ve got a pretty mean Fu Manchu for your tickling pleasure, though I need to be clean shaven for my one-man show (opens Sunday) which I’ve written to have something to do while I’m not working. See?  One man shows.  You know what worse than a shitty sitcom?  The guy who wrote it’s One Man Show.

i see posted your kick ass ad again… shame. its the best
seeing how im unemployed i have nothing going on
feel free to chat with me. show you my writing skills via erotic e-mails or online roleplay. im a writer and know how to spell



Hi there,
I aint a writer but I try!!Does this story suit your fantasy?? Lets see if you like this story. maybe then we could do something about it!!!
The dusk has already set on the new year and its business as usual for everyone. Its friday though and the impending weekend has something to tell you. You come in from work only to feel all loose and horny. The emotion is not too overwhelming but you do see your computer in front of you. The heat inside you is building, wanting some feeling there inside your body. The lips are waiting for a wet lick while your breasts just pulsating within your silk blouse. The black business skirt doesnt see like its going to cover your victoria’s secret.
The wardrobe comes off and after a bite on the forbidden fruits, you get down and dirty. You are in your bra and have a nice slip on with fishnet stockings and the 4 inch heels, making you want to be a lot physical. You let down your hair and see that there is a new email from me – a new friend you just met. It just says I’m coming over. You want to seize the opportunity so you stay the way you are and wait for my bell to ring.
The overflowing juices are acting up and you dont want to wait when suddenly the bell goes off. You just pull me in and close the door behind you. I am just trying to comprehend what happened and before I figure something out youhave your hand rubbing my dick in the pants. Of course it is harder. We start kissing each other. The lips the tongue all sorts of combinations going in and out of the mouth. In the meanwhile the bra has come off and the slip is out and all that adorns you are the stockings and the heels. I am naked too, I lift you and sit you on the couch. That white couch is gonna get so dirty. My mouth starts to work the inner thighs while my hands are caressing your boobs while those pink tits are getting really erect. I pull out my tornado tongue and start playing with your pussy. Oh the juices wanna flow everywhere. I lick it as if there is no tomorrow. The moans are coming out and I am licking on and on….Your nimble manicured fingers brushing through my hair….you shout out that you want me inside you but I dont listen and tease you even more…I go on…(continued if you reply…would love to chat up…or just buzz me on yahoo messenger)
Cheers Bad metaphors, uses the word juices and dirty too much, and I never wear a black business skirt.  C-.


I don’t have a beard, but I am an out of
work writer. Does that entice you?
I could still tickle your vagina…with my mouth
and stubble.


This one obviously sought the advice of his agent: I’m not gonna use my A-material until the strike is over baby…



Lastly, I give the the sweetest email of this chapter, a lovely sentiment that made me want to do exactly as he asked… screw the writers, screw the beards, screw the world and mostly, screw you. now spread them and let me tickle.