Phlegming Love…

f*ck the flu out of me? – 31

feed a fever fuck a cold?
sicky bo bicky sitting at home wishing i could something with all my snot.  i bet i could incorporate it as lube somehow…
seeking dude to come make my aching body ache for a reason other than the flu that’s taking me down.  please be cute and willing to brave your own illness for the sake of a little tail.
send a reply and a pic.
it’s this goddamn weather…



Posted Boston, MA

Alive for seven hours in the middle of the night

Total Responses: 106

Face Photos: 30

Penis Photos: 5

Other Photos: 5

Here’s where the project turns to an experiment in geography.  I had posted outside of LA, but this was my foray into similar ads in different cities.  Later we can study the same ad / different city dynamic, but for now, we have 2 similar ads, this one posted weeks after the first, with the second round of flu giving me enough insomnia to need presents (in the form of dirty words) in the morning.  The first one was posted in Los Angeles (see S’Not In Love) and got a decent response, so let’s compare it to Boston.  Here are additional stats (math is hard) (holy shit I’m actually going to make this excel spreadsheet) (sometimes I hate myself for doing this):

Percent Face Pictures Received Los Angeles: 38%

Percent Face Pictures Received Boston: 28%

Percent Penis Pictures Los Angeles: 10%

Percent Penis Pictures Boston: 4%

Now, it’s not a super accurate case study, they were done at different times of the day, so the lesser response in Boston can be blamed on that, but there appears to be a marked restraint on the East Coast.  So let’s see what they had to say.


my cum tastes like chicken soup… want? lemme know…i’ll make u feel MUCH better!  j. ps – that’s me on the left…


The question is can you breath enough to scream and moan… cause that’s a must for a proper fuck… 26 6-2 athletic and in shape…. yourself?


just got over that damn flu myself.  I’d love to come over and wipe your nose and fuck that flu away!  How many times will you need to cum to beat it do you think?


I’m 28 / white / 6’2″ / couple tats and probably immune to your cold… whoah, I just thought of a great way to get my antibodies into you!  2 ways… 3… ok, I can think of many many many ways to do that ;-P


Ummmm, wow.  That’s a very interesting ad.  I have to say, I’m pretty twisted but it’s never occurred to me to use snot as lube.  Clearly, the flu has crossed a few wires in your head.  Not that this is a bad thing.  And I’ve already had the flu, so that part doesn’t scare me.

SBM 6 ft 225 handsome and hung in inman square.i have pics do you? i’m horny enough to fuck a sick girl!!!! kind of a turn on!!! im serious are you?
Horny enough or desparate enough?


I know you have the flu….I can do whatever you want from licking your pussy to having intercourse…just let me know and trust me I will not get sick and if I do I can blame it on myself so um if you would like I can even bring you some hot soup or gatorade to cure your flu or we can just cuddle and get our freak on!!!

Have no pic but real nice tounge I hate to harp on spelling, but c’mon.  every email has fucking spellcheck, use it.


post under the right categorie asshole not fag for fag If you have nothing nice to say…


it’s not that i’m not willing, but you’re painting a bad picture rather talking about the benefits


Riccola, I hereby volunteer to fuck the snot out of you.Ill whip up a batch of pecker snot stronger than 100 sudafed. I am so horny and awake, id risk my health for some gooey piece of ass in Somerville. Im 45, 6’2 and 175 lbs- thin, blue eyes brown hair and a nice meat thermometer ill check your temperature until you are cured, or satisfied.  Send me a mesage and ill send a picture. CL doesnt seem to work sending pics. At you cervix, Dr. Feelgood.  Quick response to house calls  Thourough treatment always.

Hi, I’m Mike. Friends call me Fist. Short for Fister, Fisticles, Fisticuffs, Fisty McFist, or Fisticles von Fistenburgenzorg (or big bada boom for short). as per the 1,000 other million replies i’m sure you got tonite. Wait, a thousand… million… Okay, it’s been a long night, but I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of replies and as I was going to say, I’m yet another dude who will brave his own illness for some tail. Kind of a bummer of a night. Got in from karaoke night at Razzy’s, went to drink with a buddy, long night, long day of work before that – today has been eternal. But now I am so in the mood for something else to swing my evening in a different direction. I’m a 24y/o bike messenger – sort of. I could explain what I do for hours to someone who would rather be asleep but hey, I’m friendly. I’m a tall (6’4″) Somerville cracker (that is, I’m a white boy, not the edible treat you feed to ducks). I am most interested in finding out more about you and yes, getting some tail. And I have a racecar bed. Lemme know. Peas. none of those fancy pics look the same. I dun even look like i am supposed to right now. blue hair, weirdo but nice. A RACECAR BED!!!! Because nothing beats trying to fall asleep post coitus in a single bed.  I did it once, and I was lured into thinking the dude actually liked me because he spooned me.  The second we were in a bigger bed, the truth was revealed…

HA that is a great post. All men are willing to get a cold for some tail by the way. I’m 26 and a rwenty minute drive from sommerville.


Fuck a fever, feed a guy.

I’m really big on kissing, but that sounds like it’s off the table — you’d probably have trouble breathing.  So there’s only one thing that I would ask, as a consolation prize:  that I be able to kiss your other lips, the non-chapped pair, for as long as I want. And when we all done, I’ll feed you chicken soup.  🙂  About the pics:  the sailing shot is old, but at least it’s relaxed — unlike the other pic, which is recent and posed, and therefore somewhat stiff.  (I hate posing for photos…)


We drove to the Florida Keys and camped out on Bahia Honda a  few weeks ago. We both had a cough but not all the time.  It was tenacious.  Someone tole us it was part of the “red tide” disease in the water.  That was a suitable excuse much better than admitting the smoking and drinking vodka at night might be slowing us down.  All and all it was a nice trip.  I would be damn pleased to have your pussy.  I am especially parcel to a fat shapely pussy but we can not be too picky these days.  You may think of accomodating me in this way between sucking in lungis and hacking and spitting.  That could affect your usual vibrant look I am quite sure.  Maybe I will wait until you are not contageous.  All we have is time my dear……………Bob   ps. keep my internet address.  I am a hell of a good guy about to be taken and dominated by a crazy woman so………HELP ME !! “Parcel to a fat shapely pussy”… maybe date Garfield?

My, such an attractive picture you paint!  However, I am in a sexless marriage, so even “snot for lubricant” sounds good to me.  If you have any interest in being fucked by a 58-year-old MWM, reasonably fit (6′ 200lb but no Adonis) man with 7″ cut cock, d/d free, let me know.  If you are interested, let me know when you would like me to service you.  Late today would (like 5pm) would work best for me.  If I don’t hear from you, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on the most entertaining CL ad that I have seen in some time.
– Dick
If I did have interest in being fucked by a 58 year old married man, I’d aim for Dennis Miller, not Dick here.  But thanks for the congrats.  It does do a girl’s ego good to give a chuckle to strangers.  Because they make me laugh too.  Then they make me sad…