The Very First One: In Two Parts.

Big Bush w4m 28

Do you like to party? Because I do. Big Bushed ladyfriend with a big bush would love to have a horny party in her jungle pants.

But only if you like to party.

Reply with pic please.


Posted Los Angeles

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Total Responses: 66

Face Pictures: 26

Penis Pictures: 8

Penis attached to Fat Guy Pictures: 2

20 Year Old in a Speedo Bikini Pictures: 1

Other: 4

Welcome to the Jungle Jokes: 6


So this is where it all began. Tame, silly, but still a little obscure. I mean, it is Los Angeles, birthplace of the hairless vagina. The shallowest place on Earth. I figured I’d get a few freaks, have a laugh, and be done. But what was discovered was astounding. These men appeared completely normal in their photos. Some where men I would have dated, except for the circumstances. They were all into bush. And a party.

Turns out there’s some hair lovers in LA. It seemed evenly divided as far as age goes. I suppose the older men were nostalgic for the glory days of hairy puss. And the younger ones fascinated by a vah-jeen that reminded them of the glimpse of their mom’s bush they caught as a kid. That’s just my theory in any case.


I’m hairy too.He included pictures. And yes, he was.

Hello Big Bush, What do you think of your big bush meeting my bearded face? I live in Santa Monica and would like to go jungle hunting. I am 35 and normal!!! Interested in having fun tonight. Email me if interested, include photo.

All hail bush. I love the jungle. I bet.


Fuck…..I just LOVE your fucking bush!! That was all, one line. 2 punctuation marks. I’ll say it got his point across.


JBone said this… YES, I LOVE TO PARTY, HEAVILY!!! AND I REALY LIKE HARRY BUSH!!! HERE’S A COUPLE OF PIC OF COCK. So JBone. You seem very excited. As you should be. But can I ask you? I see in one of your pictures there’s two sets of feet under your shiny weiner, both of them male. Is that Harry? Do you love his bush?


The following is how women get raped in LA.: That is masterpiece. Love those bushes like hers. Thank you.Is there more? John PS, I’m a professional photog. I would love to do some free photo work with her. No face in shots if not wanted, but would love to see that and make some great photos for you. No charge. At least he knows it wasn’t really my picture.

Hey there That is one hell of a good looking bush you got there… would love to mow that down with my face…. I just love a hairy bush…. See what it has done to me The photo attached was called mydick.jpeg. I mean, if you’re going to label your pictures, I guess you better be specific right? Don’t want to attach the wrong photo on accident.


Its been a while, since I’ve seen a thick bush like that in a long time. I can remember the days of pass when I would dive in into a bush like yours, the feeling of the hair on your face the smell, of a woman sex, the cum stuck all over the bush when, cleaning up with a nice warm towel……hit me back

LOVE the looks of that beautiful BUSH baby……to some men that would be a turn off….for other pervs like me what a wonderful jungle……yum yum yum.lets see if WE can cut thru all the BS so that jungle gets its proper attention.


UG UG You need to shave that thing.

Why not shave it?

Shave it.


However, the most ironic email came from somebody whose screen name was love oldladys and his email address was muffboss@*%(&^.com. He said thats nasty go shave that thing Well “muffboss”, if that really is your name, you answered an ad called Big Bush. What did you think was going to be behind the curtains? Or in front of them as the case may be. And with a name like that, you’re confusing me. Old lady’s usually have the most pubic hair, unless they’re really old and it all fell out, and that’s what you’re into


As a first ad, not bad. It got flagged and removed very quickly. That seemed odd, considering the content of most casual encounters. But, it sparked something far greater.

It was too tame. So we moved on and busted out 2 more in rapid succession. And we realized that the idea of the bush was still feasible. So a few hours later, we used it again. We changed the title and the ad, but kept the general idea. We also took out the party reference, as we no know that when we say “Do you like to party?” it’s a completely different inference than the CL users would think. To them, party means drugs, coke to be specific, so we had to weed them out.

So, here’s part two of the Big Bush Saga…DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!


Hair pie saturday night – w4m 30

why go to baker’s square when i have massive hair pie. want a slice?

i’ve never shaved or even trimmed, just let it go into the bushiest bush in LA.

and FYI, the hair runs all the way into my ass, the back’s just as bushy as the front.

into ass hair?


Posted Los Angeles

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Total responses: 43

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Penis with Christmas Tree Pictures titled cocktree.jpg: 1

Other Pictures: 1

This one was better, seemed a little less skeezy, if that’s possible when you’re talking about ass hair. But, alas, the dudes were into it. Including this guy, who answered the big bush and the hairpie ad. And if his photo is real, appears to be really really really hot.

Hello Sexy love to chat as see what sparks we could have So here is a little about me.I am handsome, some have said gorgeous. I have a great body which i earned by working out for many years……because I am very athletic and i play sports all my life. My physical stats I am 6’3 230 48 jacket—-wide shoulders 36 waist–small waist muscular and lean Dark hair blue eyes I an an alpha male and i command the attention of a room when i enter. I can be aggressive when i need to but i am sensitive enough to know when to use my power and strength. Any man can be strong and powerful………but a TRUE man is sensitive enough to know how to use it……….and these types of man are far and few in between. I demand nothing LESS that passion with a sexual experience. Without passion………would like a meal without taste and aroma I am a lover of LIFE and the beauties that surrounds us. If you are looking for a man that desires to enjoy like in all it’s beauties and who knows how to devour the essence of a women………but sensitive to know how to LEAD a women to were she desires to be lead to ciao Bella


With the pie reference came the food jokes. Totally my fault, I asked for it, right? mmmmm, how delicious. May I eat that here? or is it to go? I want to get it all wet and goey with your juices. Tell me what you want, I’m into pleasing. mouth or cock, ladies choice here’s a pic of me, putting my best (foot) forward Brad, Burbank, now, ciao Ciao from Burbank? Burbank being so European and all.

hello, I would love a slice of your hair pie, in fact scratch that, I want the whole thing! I’m 21, 5’10”, 170 pounds, and love the whole thing…. Please e-mail me back as soon as possible! i really want to eat your ass hair baby… can i? i am on the right in the pic... I’m attempting to do this without judging. I mean after all, it’s a free country. And if a 21 year old man wants to eat the ass hair of woman he’s never met or seen beyond her bush, he can. I’m just saying. It’s ass hair. There’s probably poo on there.


I’m Mike, I’m a single 42 guy in Diamond Bar. I’d love to lick soft slow circles around your pussy, clit and ass for hours before pounding you hard and deep in every position you desire. I actually have to concentrate to cum, so I stay hard as long as you like. Also, I have what has been described as, “a beautiful penis” (if there is such a thing). Give me a look and let me know if your interested. You’ll see Mike throughout this, he answered a lot of ads. I mean A Lot of ads. I may as well get this out of the way now, Mike’s a Jr. High History teacher. Your 6th grade social studies teacher could have been really into butthair.

hi ,my name is joe . can i get some of that hair stuck between my teeth


so so sexy, i like that!! I know you taste good. How do you know? I didn’t make the photo scratch and sniff, so for all you know…


that’s a lot of bush!!!! Wow. I have never been with anyone quite like that. There is just something very sexy about it. I would love to experience what it feels like and see it get all matted down as you get more turned on. I am 26, clean, fit and have a lot of energy. If you are still interested, let me know. Gross, matted? I’ve never been one for the shaved pubis. In fact, I’ve been seventies down there since the late 80’s. However, no matter what I’ve done, I’ve never had matted pubes.


I can only hope that you are for reeal. I love a hairy bush and would very much want to meet up. I am very oral and would love to go down on you, perhaps even lick that hairy ass of yours. Open to fucking as well, but would be cool if it was just oral. Let me know, I am ready to meet This brings up an interesting point. I would guess that most parents of teens would agree with me here. Somewhere along the line, and I’m pretty sure it was around 1990, somewhere in my high school years, oral sex became less personal than intercourse. And it shouldn’t be, but there’s an entire generation and a half that believes so.


That’s so nice. I would love to use my nose to part your hair and attack the inner lipps and clit with my tounge. Thank you for the look Learn to spell tongue and lips correctly and then we’ll see.

that’s disgusting


Bravo! I am loving it! I thought it was a lost art! I love a hairy pussy, yet it seems every woman nowadays just shaves it all off. Im in love. I salute you!


Wow thats hot, I would love to get that hair all wet with your lady juices. I am 24 mixed (black and white) and I have a 7″+ cock. I am in a relationship but it is not a happy one. If you want to chat more drop me a line. Thanks for the great pic. Oh I am on most of the chat servers (ie yahoo, aim….) so if you want to chat send me a SN I can’t help but think of Rupert Holmes and the Escape (Pina Coladas) song about the couple that answers each others personals hoping to cheat on each other only to find out that they like the same things. What if this was kind of like that song, only instead of pina coladas, it was pubic hair “If you like really hairy asses, getting caught in the rain…”