Mouthful of Metal



Mouth Full of Metal: The Tale of S. Jams

are you into retainers? – w4m – 28
…because I am wearing mine right now. Hit me back and tell me why this turns you on 🙂
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Ew. As the quest to gross out the greater Los Angeles area continues, my ever present friend and commentator, S.Jams took a stab at luring perverts.
This one felt like an episode of Dateline: To Catch a Predator gone wrong. Instead of poking at the elder women who get braces later in life, I think we fell into the crowd of men who like them young. And slurry.

I’d like to also give a nod to Claudia, a hot lady who decided to get braces after the time you start giving blowjobs, which is a brave thing to do.  I’ve avoided it in spite of the fact that I still have a baby tooth and an incisor that is more crooked than Wall St.  She has done what I have avoided since the age of 18, when I became too old to get braces no matter how badly I may have needed them.

S.Jams kept it simple and short, and the gentlemen responded in kind, only grosser.

Are you for REAL, I really like when a woman has retainers on and it’s the way she sounds that is sexy to me. I’m not kidding and I don’t know why but it turns me on. Hi my name is Paul and if you like to talk just email me back or call me


Hi, I’m white, 21 blonde with blue eyes, 5’9 160. I think retainers are the hottest things ever. Perhaps cuz I wanted one growing up n never got it! But they are way hot, cute, youngish. Hit me back so I can send a pic, the file is too big for the cl mailer
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It would make you look like a young school. I am very turned by having sex with a legal age school girl.



i love to feel the cold metal on my skin


They actually frighten me,

the mere thought of it getting caught while enjoying oral.

On the other hand.. ,,,,

Just let me take a few licks !!!


40 white male huntington beach / LAX
nice thick and long 8″ curved (bent) hung cock
like to get a blow job from you with your retainer on
rub the head of my cock on your lips and teeth
like to feel it
get back w/ more revealing pics of you
contact # and location can cum and play with you this week



because they make u more sexie looking


Hello…I LOVE women who wear retainers…makes me think they are really young ! I also like the feel of it when they suck my cock, the plastic rubbing along my hard shaft…then when I shoot my load in your mouth, I want you to take the retainer out so I can see my cum stringing between the retainer and your beautiful mouth….a big cum bubble !

This is what’s wrong with the world:


I’m am a recently widowed man. My wife, an invalid, was in and out of a wheelchair for the last five years. We did not had a sensual moment in three years and I have not been with anyone else. I am now going to go crazy if I don’t find a woman with whom to share pleasure!
I tried Craigs List a year ago and got frustrated with the hookers and nut cases and was beginning to feel guilty and gave up. I’m even hornier now, so I’m giving it one last try. This would be perfect for both of us if you are truly just looking for a good time and friendship. I’m not certain what I am ready for now emotionally, but whatever happens, happens.
I am willing to be a discreet intimate friend for a married, attached or horny woman, who is looking for nothing more than a friend with great sex from time to time, sensual kissing, lots and lots of oral attention and more than their share of orgasms. If you are single and we click, we can take it from there relationship wise.
I am a true lover of women and miss the smells and tastes of a sexually aroused woman and will do anything to please my partner.
Sensual massage is a true specialty of mine, as I paid my way through college working as masseur, but then without using my tongue. lol. I know how to rub you the right way outside and in.
I am a gentleman, 40’s, 5’11”, in good shape, height/weight proportionate, prematurely gray, somewhat dominant, smart, athletic, energetic, fun, funny and very very very oral. I am drug and disease free and safe sex is a necessity.
Don’t let my age fool you. I work out with a trainer twice a week. Age is important if looking for a relationship, but for your sex toy, age and experience tell! If you met me or we were introduced by friends and had time to chat, you would go out with me if I called.
I truly enjoy giving my partner pleasure. Being realistic, I am only going to get off a couple of times, but giving my partner orgasm after orgasm is exciting, fun and fulfilling.
Your writhing and squeals of pleasure, to me, are like applause for a performer on stage. I’m always willing to try for one more.
No strings, but becoming friends would be a bonus.
Let me hear from you, one way or the other and if positive, I’ll send my phone number. Phew, that was a mouthful! Got carried away!
My photo link is below.


I wish I knew why I want to fuck a mouth full of metal.
Its just a bdsm kink, the idea of holding your mouth open with
steal and having my way with your smile. Keeping you open
to take every inch, to see the white milky cum on the cold metal.
Its the start to a great relationship, cum rain or shine.


Retainers do turn me on. It is kind of kinky fucking a girls mouth knowing you might get cut.


I too am a patient of adult cosmetic dentistry — I’ve had braces for a few months and am still getting used to em. That means the two of us can make out like we are in high school again. If i’m lucky maybe I can get to second base… Mwah!

reminds me of hs blow jobs in back of school my freind she had retainers he he email me

well i had the honor to get my cock sucked by a retainered mouth. nothing gets close to the feeling of the metal bar rubbing the swollen mushroom cock head. would love to get the feeling again. write back. A

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMUSHROOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM COCKHEAD!!!!!!!  Sounds like love.  I know, we’re not here for love, but would that guy ever walk up to a stranger at the library (even if she had come out and offered head with her new braces) and say those words to her?  mmmmmmmmmmmushroooooommmmm cockhead.  Maybe he would.