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good evening,
i just made some homemade pretzels, the soft, warm, salty kind. but instead of tying them into knots, i made them into long, thick sticks, perfect for “dipping” if you know what i mean. if you don’t, what i mean is that you can put it inside me, and eat it out. i’ve got plenty for the right person, and hope that they don’t get too cold before you can get here.
all i ask is that you reply with a picture and tell me about the best pretzel you ever had, where you were, who with, the whole story.
i’m “knot” joking…
salty on sheridan

Posted Chicago, on a cold winter’s night.
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Sweet home Chicago. Born and bred in the Midwest, I’m surprised it took so long to there. Going after Chicagoans with pretzels is a bit unfair, I admit. But I had been on a kick of making homemade pretzels, and then putting bacon on and in them. After an evening of making bacon pretzels in Los Angeles, and with subzero temperatures in Chicago, I decided to see what my old hometown held for me.
I have to say, it’s exhausting being this disgusting.
Hello salty, Clearly the best pretzel I ever had was in the confines of a German beer hall. I was a mere 16 years old, enjoying a summer in German with classmates. The thrill of drinking beer in public (I was only 16), a foreign country, and those sexy German girls made a wonderful adventure. A good pretzel wasn’t the only thing I dipped for the first time that summer. Alas, that was 10 years ago. Maybe that first pretzel experience can be repeated, though. International… ooh laaa laaa.

Oct. Fest in Munich 05 stoned on Weiss and rationed with warm salty pretzels in the courtyard I can still smell the fragrance or crisp cool air filled with music and laughter and the scent or Weiss and German pretzels…….blond and blue with Swedish lips and an Italian tongue… the city 33


haha is this so common that others will have stories about it? Just havent seen the dateline on this new fetish. As long as your not serving them with cheese i guess its cool Here’s what’s weird about this.  It’s not the vagina on the pretzel that he takes issue with, it’s cheese.  So he’ll eat dough out of a stranger’s vagina, so long as there’s not any cheese involved.  Makes sense.



Good evening, So your in the mood for some dipping? Maybe I can help you out! So you want to know about my best pretzel I’ve ever had well here we go: I was hitchhiking through Utah at the time, after I was done with my undergrad at the University of Chicago for Cultural Studies. I was out there trying to get a handle on what I was attempting to define as “Everyday American Life”. I was on highway 50 somewhere, outside of a small little town with jackd up gas prices. I heard an engine coming from behind, and I stuck out my thumb. The car slowed down next to me. This woman in her mid-30’s pulled up next to me in her black jeep. Her name was Sandy. She was wearing that stereostypical leporad print clothes that some American women love to wear. I got in the car and we drove off. We talked about all types of things. She was leaving her husband because he had been cheating on her. I told her about my family, my girlfriend who had broken my heart, and my mission out on the road. I guess it’s really hard to describe why it was a thrilling experience, but we got a long great. That evening we passed one of those out in the middle of nowhere county carnivals. We stopped. She was heading more west to California, I was going to try and go North towards Montana. But we decided to wander around together through the fair grounds. We rode the ferris wheel and she told me abotu her children, they were 4 and 6. I can’t remember their names, but it seemed like she loved them, she just had to leave though. After that she bought me a pretzel, and got into her car and drove away. I never saw her again. So that’s the story. not very sexy, but I hadn’t thought of doing anythign naughty with them before. I sent you a pic, let me know. My stats: 25, 6’1”, in shape, brown hair. Normal and Disease Free. Hope to hear from you,


mmm homemade pussy pretzels… im pretty sure those would be the best pretzels ever!


It was an auntie anns pretzel I was by myself at the mall ill send pic in second email Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


How much for a Belgian Steamer! Or Portuguese Breakfast? but as for being tied into a “knot”, never been. Always wanted though… A lot of women claim to want it or even give it, but nothing ever materialized, so please forgive for not taking this post seriously, however, should you be, I’m open. I’ve never had a wild experience but maybe someday. Take care.


even though this fantasy of yours is a little old hat (i mean, who hasnt done pretzel cunnilingus, right?) im totally willing to join you if you’d let me fuck you afterwards while wearing a bagel on my cock. alternatively, a donut will do in a pinch. yours, bready on broadway


Well, I would have to say my best pretzel ever was had at a German beer hall in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 30, 2005. I was visiting some friends in the area, and after a few large steins, everyone was feeling pretty raucous. It was a family crowd –lots of kids, grandmas, relatives together for the holidays, that sort of thing, but still relatively rowdy. A guy with an accordion was entertaining the room, playing traditional German music –Kraftwerk, Nina Hagen, etc. Suddenly, all the power in the place went out, and the room went pitch black, illuminated only by the cigarette lighters and cell phones of the panicked diners. What happened next is straight out of a V.C. Andrews novel. I really can’t bring myself to tell much more about it right now; suffice to say that by the time the night was over, I would never look at pretzels the same way again. At first I felt dirty about it, but now I’ve come to accept it as part of who I am. And that’s why your ad caught my eye. I would very much like to come over and sample some of those pretzels of yours, after they’ve been dipped in that special sauce. I’m very serious about wanting to do this, and I hope to hear back from you soon! OK, so I read a lot of V.C. Andrew’s novels in my youth and continue to repetitively read them all again every few years. And those familiar with the stories, understand that they’re mostly about rich people, incest and revenge. So when somebody refers to events as V.C. Andrew’s-like, I get curious. So, I wrote: “when you say straight out of a VC Andrews novel, do you mean you had sex with a sibling? or you found out that your girlfriend was really your niece, who you had to help escape the gloomy mansion where you were being held? I’m confused, but dying to know the story.
The answer? More the latter. What happened was, we were trying to escape the beer hall, and in all that pandemonium I got separated from my friends. There was a crush of people heading to the doors, and in order to get away from that, and hopefully avoid being trampled to death, I figured I’d run through the kitchen and try to make it out through the service entrance. There, in the darkness, I collided with one of the beer hall waitresses, a young fräulein of about 22 or 23 years old. I was laying on the ground, looking up at her in her green and white dirndl, when –I don’t know what it was, maybe the tone of her voice, maybe the smell of fresh baked bread rising in the ovens –but a flood of repressed memories came back. She seemed to recognize what was up from the look on my face, and just put a finger to her lips to gesture “quiet,” and motioned me towards a staircase leading, as I was to find out, to the basement of the restaurant. And frankly, the rest … I’ve got to have a drink or two before I can bring myself to talk about it. Not that it was a bad experience –not at all! –just that it was *intense.* I hope you understand. Anyhow, how did your interest in breadplay come about? Hearing that might help me open up about my own feelings.

Meh, not V.C. Andrews at all. Dissapointment. But he wrote one more time about two weeks later. Hey, just wanted to let you know there’s a big holiday breadplay party going down tonight; practically the entire local scene will be there. Heck, you probably already know about it. But if not, and if you’d like to check it out, maybe we could go together. Perhaps meet up at bier hall in Lincoln Square, and then head down to the party? Anyhow, let me know! 🙂 I refuse to believe there’s a “breadplay party” in Chicago. Re-fuse.
So Chicago held it’s own. And tried to hold mine. Another city ruined.