S’not In Love

fuck the flu out of me? – w4m 29
being sick makes me totally horny, and i hear you’re supposed to starve a cold and fuck the flu. it’s the first day, so i’m probably contagious, but if it works, we can both be sick and call in the next few days to lay around and bang. of course we’ll be fever ridden, achy, and pretty snotty, possibly heightening climax due to the delirium we’ll both be in. i also hear snot makes a pretty good lube as well.
so what say you?
wanna make love to my flu?
chicken soup optional.


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Misery loves company. Misery also loves a good screw. So if you can’t beat the flu, give it to a stranger. Disgusting. On this particular day, I had the worst flu ever, and laying on the couch, I could hold my head up just enough to type that out and hit the “post” button. Since I seem to bring the worst out in people, I figured using boogers as a sex aid would really up the ante. I was mostly right.
The willing were a plenty:

“I hear snot makes a pretty good lube…” AWW DAMN! I don’t know if I am aroused or sick. That is probably the most disgustingly hot and refreshingly original post I have seen thus far for casual sex. Nice job! I can cook you some chicken soup and feed it to you in phallic ways using a turkey baster.


does nyquil count as a cocktail?

That’s either the sexiest or the most fucking revolting thing I’ve seen on CL Casual Encounters. The idea of using infected, green, chunky phlegm as lube is making the vomit rise in my throat. I regret the fact that I just ate. You sicken me! You also turn me on… let’s see a better photo of you, you filthy whore.

I responded: “the stuff running from my nose, the stuff that would be used for lube, is not chunky. it’s the stuff coming up from my lungs that’s really bad.”

that would stay down with a dick in my mouth. Burn, he totally got me.

Out of shere wackiness I want to respond to this post… I think you’re hilarious, and there is something hot about it. It’s the sweaty and hot part that I like…..just lay there sick and fuck really hard and get even more sweaty. Fun. me – 33, good looking, smart, 6’1, live alone in Culver City, no BS.. Pic attached. I’ve got more if you’d like… I used Comic Sans here because I’m hilarious, and the hilarious font is Comic Sans. On a serious note, or as serious of a note you can type in Comic Sans, I think there’s some honesty in all of this. When I’m sick, I do long for hot sweaty lovemaking… part for the hot and sweaty, and part for having somebody take care of my needs, even if it’s the sexual ones.


Actually read in some medical journal that fucking the flu is the only way to eliminate it from your body. It’s not new knowledge. Back in the 1300s, they had “Hump the Plague” month which effectively stopped the advance of the Bubonic Plague throughout Europe. I’d be willing to subject myself to the risk of making love to your flu, purely in the interest of medical research, of course. As a 31 year old with high stamina and libido, coupled with a robust immune system I’d be an ideal candidate to rid your achy body of pernicious disease. If not, at least writing this has been more fun than doing my job. Thanks for the distraction! Mike


Hello, I am Dr. Feelgood. I have an injection that will make you feel better. I will also provide hot soup to build your strength up between injections. I provide oral treatments as well as injections. Let’s see if we can get the flu to cum out of you. Let the Dr. know when he can cum in you, I mean cum to you!


Stimulatr1 wrote:
“Stupid Ass Ad…”
So I replied:
“Coming from Simulatr1?”
“ok, touche’
cumon though, “fuck the Flu outta me”??”
touche’ Stimulatr1, touche’.

Funtimes Jones sent me an email…
Your ad is disgusting probably like you. Anyone willing to do that must be one herpes ridden gross slut.
And because I’m a dick:
wow jones! i bet you had a funtime writing that!
And then because Funtimes is a dick too:
Not as much fun as banging someone who has the flu! HOW HOTTTTTTTT!!!!


I’d like to give you a shot of penisillin…so tell me what info you neeed from me to make this happen I’m 5’8 180lbs, drk brn hair, hazel eyes, clean cut and d&d free PENIS-ILLIN, Genius.

if you just wanna fuck, without kissing or any other type of touching, i’m down to fuck you. This is the type of offer I usually receive from dudes that AREN’T strangers. Booooo.


I just wana see if it works, then i can say my dick has healing powers lol! i’ll fuck the snot outta you, you’ll be decongested in no time! im healthy, and i doubt ill catch the flu anyway. Oh! we can rub vicks vapor rub on your neck and chest, you can open up as you ride me …. that mite not work….fuck it lets do it!

I can tell you I felt unfulfilled by this. I know this because I ended up posting one similar in Boston too.   Stay tuned, it’s coming.  Or as “one of them” would say, it’s cumming.