An Itch You Can’t Scratch…

Aaaaaah Aveeno…

I may have excema but I can still bang – w4m *pic
Don’t worry, it’s not on my pussy. Do you think I’d really post if my vagina was red and irritated, with patches of dry, flaky skin? It’s not. My excema is on my arm and hand, so no hand job for you, and again, evertything below the waste is totally fine.
Me, SWF, 40D, and a slight rash on my right hand, Tell me something interesting and embarrassing about
yourself to put us on the same level…
And, respond with a pic.

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Men who had psoriasis: 39

So I spelled Eczema wrong. At this point I think I was either hoping to get caught, or just posting a bunch of crap after too much of wine. I never thought this one would be up longer than a few hours, I thought that it would be spotted as fake, flagged, and removed. Instead, the week of skin disease began.
The power of what people perceive as anonymity is evident in the amount of embarrassing details shared. There were also a ton of married men, and I think there were a few factors to that. One, was that with this confession, this “girl” was perceived as fearful of being judged, therefore less likely to judge somebody else. Another is that the “defective” can’t be choosy, and I think the age listed led the older married crowd my way. Aside from that, the most common embarrassment for men in Los Angeles is toenail fungus. Nasty. At least I didn’t get those photos.
Also, the 40D bra size labels me as a lady of larger size. So the guys that are into this are clearly cool with chubby girls with rashes.
So, shall I bang this one out? Sure I should. Let’s start with some REALLY bad opening lines of dialogue.

Slightly embarrassing tale: I have a scar on my sack. Achieved during a softball game. I don’t know why I shared that.

well for starters im glad we would be able to still have some fun and you wanna know somethin emberrasin from me well lets see take it how u wanna take it but girls say i have banana shaped cock so there you go im Al and would love to hear from you really soon


Hello, where and when are you available to get together? I can send a pic once I receive a reply. I am 5’11”, 160 lbs., with some facial hair. I was born with an undecended testicle and everything is fine now and once many years ago I had to give a speech somewhere and all of a sudden I had laryangytis.

I like that you are conident in your beauty and your imperfections. My embarassing thing is that I have a little bit of back acne. I don’t like taking my shirt off at the beach when the acne has a flare up. I think your ass is beautiful and I would like to see more. What are you interested in doing? NSA, FWB, etc.? Tell me more about yourself? I live in Burbank.

i have a small cock but id fuck you


Hi there, An embarrassing moment I had…well, let’s see, therewas one time when I was driving to school about to be late to class and I needed to go number 2. As I parked my car, I thought I would just skip the nearby restroom and just get to my class and go to a restroom there, but it was a walk away. I thought I could make it in time by just walking really carefully. Just as Iwas in the hallway where my room was, there was a lot of intestinal action and *boom*, I couldn’t hold it anymore. Then I saw a friend, and of course I couldn’t talk to him long, and he asked me where I was going, and I told him that I would be back. But then I saw this girl that I wanted to talk to the whole semester. When we passed by each other, she said hi to me, and being so giddy, I said hi back, then we talked for a minute and I was so afraid that she would notice my predicament. Luckily, her phone rang and we went our separate ways. Hopefully, she didn’t know about it. I spent the next half-hour washing everything down there with soap and water and washing my underwear (I put it in a plastic bag and tied it up, as I was down to my last two pair that time). Luckily, everything was soapy fresh, and I went to class fashionably late. Well, that was long enough. Hope you’re not turned off by that. Are you still up to meeting tonight? I certainly am. And you’re right, everything below the waist IS totally FINE!!! I am 24, 5’7″, 180, Asian, and I hope to see the rest of you very soon. Catch ya later, Mike Now I love a good poop in the pants story. Ask anybody who knows me. So he washed out his shitty underwear in the public restroom, hopefully while other people were walking in and out, it took him a half hour, and he then carried it around in his backpack for the day. And just to clarify, he’s using this story as an attempt to get laid. Sexy.

So I am riding with a girl in my car… i bring up the topic of kinky sex. I tell her I would love to have sex in a public place. She tells me how would you want to try it out? so we pull over on the freeway, get out, and start fucking on the guard rail. So while I was fucking her, she began to piss on me. I felt something warm running down my dick and my thigh. She was peeing on me. So thats my story…anyways, I am a 20 year old US Marine and I live in Glendale CA. I a Latino 5’9 fit good looking and Handsome. Get back to me if you wanna chat and see whats up =) Hooray for our troops. Boo for getting peed on in public. Ugh.

Hey I’m Matt. I have a cigar burn scar on my balls. I also had some ingrown hairs from all the manscaping I do (which looks great now by the way) but really used to hurt


Will you pick me up?


I slept with my Foster Mother. How’s that one.


The one that almost made me feel bad for being a total asshole…Hi my name is Jeff, first I need to say you have an absolutely beautiful rear eand. Excema is an allergy not contagouse, I have my own physical imperfection its my left arm when I was 16 I had a bone cancer it has been cured for over 20 years but the after affects of the radiation has left my arm damaged and partially paralized but Im really the greatest lover. I love sex and am the best at the linguistics you will have ever experienced. I know right were you G spot is and can find it almost emediately because I know how it will feel on the end of my perfectly shaped dick. I am sure I can make you have multiple orgasms and I will totally enjoy the fruits of my labor so if you want a man who will treat you like the passionate creature you truely are then just mail me back, looking forward to hearing from you. Jeff
It’s true, cancer is a comedy killer.

I actually dated a girl w/exema. The first time I did a girl w/it my weenie turned out fine. She tasted really good Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile
His mom should never have given him a BlackBerry.


When I was younger I had excema,I it all over my body except ass and cock.I understand how it is to be different and thats ok,I learned all kinds of other interesting things to do .They kind of revolve in the bedroom.Lets chat or …………….?

I have the same from stress. I like your ass and I don’t have it on my dick thank god. I hope you like my picture. Jeff

Dear Rash Thank goodness for cortizone cream (I have excema on 2 patches on my cheeks – no not those cheeks). Just relax and forget your excema and your natural beauty will shine through. I like what you wrote and the humor that you exhibit. I am 5′ 11″ tech exec who needs that same humor to make waves in life. Thanks – Joe

Hi, I have eczema as well, but it only shows up on my feet. I treat it with elocon cream, the Dr gave me. I don’t find that very embarrassing, though. I once got poison ivy all over my face and some on my dang-dang. Its fine now. I have a pic. Not of my penis with poison ivy on it, but of myself. I wish it had me with two thumbs up. It would just make the story better. Its not contagious, and you should not have to suffer. I’m 29 and live in Pasadena. I don’t have a girlfriend, and haven’t in some time(not by choice). here’s a pic of me. If you think I’m cute or sexy,I’d love to meet you…..or e-mail. I’m easy going and get along with most everyone, and I’d love to meet a woman older than me. –Kevin How do you get poison ivy ONLY on your dick and face? Not your hands or arms? I want a diagram.

This one wrote early and often. The first one…Hey baby, I’m right there with you… I had extremely sever psoriasis only 2 years ago. 99% covered. Not anymore… I still have a tiny bit on my leg. Still doing light therapy. I was on the cover of Psoriasis Advance – can prove it. 😉 But I also know your uneasiness. People need to get over it. Because I quite love your ass. I’m quite horny… take a look! Got a face pic? Let’s meet tonight. 34, 6 feet tall with great inshapeness… (find pics attached below) The attached pictures were of the following: his face, which was the epitome of the LA hipster complete with ironic mustache and t-shirt, his dick, which was erect, and his ass covered in eczema, which was fucking disgusting. And 99% of your body? That has to suck.
About fifteen minutes later came this: i’d love to eat you out from behind. mmmm… and then plunge… perhaps oil… Nooooooooooooooo…
Then, an hour later an ad with the title Psoriasis Lover ,this hit the inbox. i have it, on my thigh… just a little bit, used to be a lot… i changed the subject line to get your attention… read the previous emails i just sent!
Remember “Randy”.  He would go on to make random appearances in my email over the next few months. He would go on to become one of the regulars, even though the girl featured here is probably his dream girl.  There will be an awesome story later.  Be patient.

But, to leave you on large note, one of the last emails to come in over the seven days was this, kept in its original size for you to enjoy.

all black men don’t have big cocks