A Biology Lesson From Idiots

female ejaculation – fact or fiction? – w4m 31

hello people of craigslist…
so here’s the thing. i’ve always been on the moister side of wet, and can even “squirt” or ejaculate on occasion. usually men are pretty into this, but my current boyfriend doesn’t believe girls can cum like that. he thinks i’m peeing on him. it’s at the point where he gets mad when it happens and keeps asking me to stop urinating on him. he says there’s no such thing, that it’s my bladder releasing with every climax. it’s gotten to the point that he won’t go down on me unless i promise to hold it in. everytime i try to argue, he makes me smell the wet spot and tell him it doesn’t smell like pee.
after our last argument, we decided to settle it with an impartial panel of men. so now, i’m in the unique position of being able to explore with you kind gentlemen.
what do you think, can girls really spray, or have i been pissing this whole time. would you like to find out for yourself? send a picture and your view of female ejaculate, and if you’re cute and have an opinion, you may get to find out.


Posted Los Angeles
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The greatest thing in the world, to me, has become a craigslist ad that gets fewer than 400 responses. This was put up and taken down 3 times on a Saturday morning. And 18 dudes replied. It’s a harmless enough ad, detailing a girl’s struggle with her mean boyfriend who makes her smell the wetspots. It wouldn’t have been worth mentioning, but there were a few emails worth sharing.

It is for real, I have experienced it and it does not taste or smell like urine. Besides no one has that much urine in their bladder, she just kept squirting and squirting… very hot and tasty. I am in shape/fit…5-10 brn brn 165…very oral/uninhibited and can respect boundaries… Key word here though is taste.  If he can discriminate and say with certainty that it doesn’t taste like pee, that means he knows what pee tastes like. Pee taster.

I do believe some females can squirt. There’s usually a distinction between pee and squirt. I been with some girls who claim they quirt, but really they were just peeing. I been with one girl who really does squirt. The “ejaculate” is different in smell and looks different. Most pee have some sort of yellow tint to them, squirt is a clear fluid. I might have peed on somebody once, totally on accident, and never clarified. For that I apologize. But, to bait and switch like that is just mean.

Now, there were a few other emails, all along those lines… how exciting it was to meet that girl, how lucky “squirt’s” boyfriend was, the ex-girlfriends who could. Then came this email. This one blew my mind and continues to: you and your boyfriend are both idiots. it’s not urine you stupid bitch, and tell your doucebag idiot boyfriend either he’s 16 years old and has no experience with women or he’s an adult moron. It’s very common for women to squirt and is considered a female orgasm and it’s not urine. your boyfriend should run outside and get hit by a car. and you’re a stupid bitch for posting a stupid pathetic post like this. hope you get breast cancer and die.

From a critical standpoint, I have to say he’s a bit repetitive in the “stupid bitch” department. But, he does get points for differentiating between your and you’re. However, dropping the H from doucHebag is “stupid bitch” move. So is responding to an anonymous personal ad wishing breast cancer on a stranger. So who’s really the asshole?
Finally for once, it’s not me.