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Pinch Me I’m So Not Dreaming – W4M 31
maybe it’s the east coast upbringing, but i’ve always been alternately terrified/fascinated by lobsters, more specifically, those claws. when i was a kid, my dad and my brothers would chase me around with the empty claws, while i screamed and giggled. every once in awhile, they would catch me, and pinch me hard. what i’m looking for is someone who might be interested in recreating this with me, maybe a drunk lobster dinner followed by a game of chase and pinch? send a pic and tell me why you’re into it. extra points for sailors, super extra points for lobstermen.

Posted: Providence, Rhode Island
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The east coast is filled with personal memories, and I adore most east coast boys to no end. So, why not mess with them as well? When I was four years old, I had recurring nightmares. One of them was derived from watching some KISS animated cartoon that must have scared the shit out of me because I dreamt about it for years. The other involved the terror of being chased by live lobsters. This one originated on the nights that my parents’ east coast friends shipped the little beasts to our house in the Midwest for lobster night. Of course, we’d have hours to play with our dinner, which left lots of time for the rubber bands to be taken off the claws and the terror to take place. As the youngest of five, I was the easiest to get and the only one that was ever scared. So 28 years later, here I am using a beautiful childhood memory to bait strangers into my folly. Just for the record, I am not into Lobsters sexually. Stop worrying about me.
The weird thing about this experiment is that some cities have different time limits as far as how long they can stay up. This was one of the longest months of my life. This thing stayed up longer than my underpants do in any given relationship. There were responses coming in until the day it came down, which means that these people were digging really deep into craigslist. So let’s delve into the depths of the sea…

how about a scalloper


how many points for x submarine sailors ????

long nipples???
This was the entire email. The whole thing summed up in 2 words.

You have a nice ass, but you are a little be crazy.

I use to have my own lobster boat and I from Maine…how’s that??40 yo, but looks younger, tall and large, 6’4″ tall and ex-football lineman, with dangerous green eyes and short brown hair. I have very big hands and feet and the story seems to be true with me….If you can’t handle a very large tool, then please don’t tease me…I like women of all shapes (Big is fine..especially if you have the curves to back it up) and colors…All I ask is that you are clean, discreet and willing to meet, not just talk about it. I have a great place and I am also willing to travel…Hit me up if you want to ride the pony..LOL

i love lobster, but i like pussy more.

I am a Lobsterman. Don’t have a bunch of time because I am on the boat a lot. Except at night. I have those free. When would you like to do this


can i just pinch your ass as i jerk off?

Classy, one line. Of course you can.

Stoner man says How about instead of pinching, we go to your apartment or mine, and have sexual intercourse? Thanks, I thought so. 8″ baby. FAT dick. I wanna stuff that tight ass like it’s no joke. Let me know. My question is, how do you stuff a tight ass like a joke? Fill it with punchlines? Or, if they’re Dane Cook’s jokes, no punchlines?



Just wanted to send you a message and tell you that you have a stunning body. The way your thong and thighs look is amazing. I personally dont like seafood, but i remember my father putting lobsters on the floor when i ws a kid and scaring me and my brothers. It is pretty funny now that i think about it. i am 32 yrs old and maybe i can be the lobster that you are looking for, Attached is a picture, let me know if you are interested.

Great idea – sounds like a lot of fun.
Why I’m into this:
(1) Very playful in general – tickling, pinching, grabbing, rolling around.
(2) Love cooking, especially with someone else, especially when it’s fun and
(3) Love cooking and eating lobster in particular, especially when slightly more drunken.
(4) Like the vaguely incestuous / sisterly / daughterly aspects of your
dinner & afters idea.
(5) Really enjoy screaming and giggling girls, especially ones with rears as
cute as yours.
37/m, sailor, grew up in the tropics (West Indies), currently controller for a motorcycle acc. company, teach at university part-time, working on a doctorate in economics (whew!). Fun, playful, looking for local friends+ for shared meals, conversations, laughing, joking, and playing around.
Pic attached . . . would love to see your face. 🙂 Cheers


Incest is best??? I think it would be a ton of fun to have a lobster dinner with all the fixins then chase you around your place while you screamed and giggled. My family use to have big lobster dinners on holidays, and I use to do this same thing to my female cousins before I knew you shouldn’t be attracted to them. I would hold them down and pinch them the same way. I hadn’t thought about that since I don’t remember how long ago. It would be so great to hold you down while you clawed and pushed me off of you, and I tried to hold both you hand down while pinching you all over. My name is xxxx, I am 5’8″, 28yo and average build. I live in Providence, but could come to where you are. I’ll bring the lobsters if you get all the other stuff. Drop me a line if this is up your alley.

HEllo, I am 28 and a real Lobsterman out of narragansett. I am 6’2 200 light brown hair blue eyes toned and hung 8″. I am very dom and I think we might be able to turn your little fantasy into a very dom / sub play. Do you have anymore pics to prove your real before I go on . Dont want to waste my time here.

hi there quite an interesting fascination and one that sounds like a lot of fun !! i am a sailor with my own 36 foot sailboat although i have never been lobstering i have been caught up on a few lobster pots over the years. swm 43 from warwick and would love to chat sometime!!


how about lobster dinner with a captain then ill put the lobster outfit on and chase you all around both of us buzzed and laughing crazily then if your up to it a little lobster loving


6 weeks later… I know its an old posting but if your still looking i am a 23 y/o male from the cape, and have been working as a lobsterman since i was 18. I am 6’3 190 lbs in good shape, dirty blonde short, blue eyes, attractive. I am open to almost anything very playful and full of stamina. I replied because i already have the “super extra bonus points” for fishing, and your ass is absolutley outstanding…!


Im a lobsterman…Point Judith. I know, it’s a one liner. Get back to me for some pictures.


What about points for a chef who actually has tanks of your friends can get you some and cooked it for you by the way the name is xxx email me back at


Gee, that’s pretty funny. At work some of the guys call me ” THE LOBSTER ” . Weird story . Go on, give ‘er a pinch! L.O.L. From, Sir Cullington



Ballsup2005 wrote Hi, this is the Gorton’s Fisherman. Please cease and desist using my Lobster Larry to promote you sexcipades. He is a Sagittarius and dislikes handling of any kind. Nice ass. Good work Ballsup.


A “drunk lobster dinner”? How will we get the lobster drunk — by steaming him in beer? I’m not sure that’s such a good idea; the lobsters I’ve known have always been mean drunks. Okay, I’ll consider it — but on one condition: If I catch you, you have to let me dip your tail in butter.


Whats up 30/m here. I tell you what im not a sailor or a lobsterman, but ive watched enough deadliest catch to know who to score me some shellfish. Nice pic by the way. great ass. kind makes me want to do a little clamming if you know what i mean. Email me back so i can send you a pic, craigslist won’t let me attach mine. Later



Both gitty and intoxicated after a nice lobster dinner, and a few drinks. We both find ourselves naked. Just as we are about to engage in a sexual passionate embrace, I suddenly suprise you with two lobster claws from our dinner. Suddenly you blush, then giggle as I Begin to chase you around the room with claws in hand. As you try to get away, my eyes fixate on the globulous luscious cheeks of your beautiful ass. As I playfully chase you with the lobster claws in hand, You giggle hystericaly at the site of my large cock and balls bouncing and slinging as I chase you. Suddenly I have you cornered. I smile softly as I click the claws open and shut, as I approach you. You turn to me in an attempt to hide that beautiful ass. But is to late. I am already on you, pressing each claw into the soft flesh of your globulous ass cheeks. You squirm, but there is no escape as I hold you firmly, and begin to pinch your fleshy cheeks with the lobster claws.At first you sqeal and giggle like a school girl. But then you begin to gasp as you feel me biting your ass over and over again with the hard red claws. I turn you around. Lifting your arms above your head with one hand , I step forward until we are pressed together at the waist. You gasp again, as you feel the steely shaft of my fully engorged cock press against you. I silence your gasp with a kiss and begin to softly pinch your naked breasts with one of the claws.Again you squirm in an attempt to break free. But I have your arms held firmly above your head, and my kiss is turning your knees to butter. Beside..That BIG throbbing cock pressed firmly to your pussy just feels to damn good to resist. I pinch your left breast hard. Pinching your rubbery nipple between the claws and closing them shut. You squeal into my mouth, as I continue to suck on your tongue, and pinch you with the claws. Suddenly you surprise me with a squeeze to my dangling balls. Just enough to make me step back, and give you the opportunity to break free from me. The chase is on again…With clicking claws, drooling cock, and bouncng balls, I once again find myself trying to get these claws on that beautifu, luscious, seXXXy seXXXy ass of yours……….Mmmmmmmmmmm……..I love that ass…I want to pepper it with lobster bites and kisses……… 😉 Nibble nibble,


Then, lastly comes this man. I’m deleting his name because I feel really sorry for his wife. REALLY sorry.

Sittin’ here in my hotel room across from Central Park and read your posting with intrigue and wistful thinking on my part. I’ve got to say that’s a first in terms of fantasies that I’ve heard about. However it caused me to contemplate a playtime scenario which might intrigue you.
I’m in NYC for the night on the start of a two week business trip back east. Tomorrow I drive up to Providence where I’ll spend about a week. I’ll be staying at the Westin in Downtown. After that I’m off to Cambridge Mass for a week then fly back home to the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been a sailor and part owner of a boat in the past yet by no means a Lobsterman. Still, I think I could take you through a Lobster Dinner at Hemenway’s with a bottle of wine and pull off your fantasy after wards with a flair..
So why should you write me back? We’ll beyond being a late 40’s married suit wearing business man . . .’K if that’s thrown you and you’re thinking “ooooo, icky you’re old” then move on and I wish you well . . . however if you might consider meeting an eclectic human being with varied interests and well skilled physical talents then read on and make your decision then.
My core work is managing the investments for an Asian family I work for in the greater Bay Area. However part of that involves “any other task as so assigned” which means I’m back here helping their family with things.
Though I was more or less raised on the west coast my parents and their family was raised on the east coast. As a result the shore seafood meal when we got together was always part of the event. I too would chase my sis a bit with a crab claw more than a Lobster one. We’d chase each other though it was all in good fun.
I envision we’ll meet for a cup of coffee before hand to see if we click. If so we’ll proceed to Hemenway’s where I’ll have made reservations for us for an earlyish dinner. We’ll start with wine, soup and maybe a crab cocktail to get the taste buds going. Then they’ll bring on the lobster(s). While enjoying each others company and feeling the mood my hand will occasionally touch yours and I’ll be teasing you with the claw which will touch you later . . .
We’ll pull u to the hotel, the valet will park the car. The bag of spare claws the waiter kindly prepared for us will be in my left hand. My right will be on your hip. As we enter the elevator we find ourselves alone we turn and embrace at that time I pinch your right rear cheek. You squirm to get away yet also push into my firm fingertips as well. We enter the room . .
We undress in the dark of the bathroom and feel the steam from the shower envelope the room. You feel the claws that I’ve brought with me gliding over your musky skin. You shriek a bit as the claw firmly clamps over your now tauting nipple. Your downy fur covered womanhood now becoming moist with anticipation. . . .
I dry you off with a towel pausing to caress your soft skin and nibbling at your neck and ears. Your hand finds it’s way to my stiffening member . . I use the claw to pinch your hand back . . .
You lie face down on the bed as instructed . . .you feel the warmth of the lotion at the same time you smell the lemon juice which I dribble down your spine . . the eerie ness of the claw making it’s way up and down your back . . you part your legs slightly as requested then . .
As to my own appearance I don’t have a current photo yet have been told I look like a young Orsen Welles from the Citizen Kane movie time frame. I’ve been called a Gentle Giant by a Lesbian friend of mine’s best friend. As I’m a 6’6″ tall white guy with about 290 lbs of me I s’pose the moniker fits.
Well that’s a bit about me. If I’ve struck a chord with you drop me a line. The night of the claw is seeking an actress for the leading roll. Are you interested in the part? I hope to hear back from you yet wish you well in whatever you do.

Dude wants to finger a stranger with a lobster claw. And, he used the ladies’ most despised word, moist. Not sure why, but almost every lady I know hates that word. It’s not the connotation, because we all enjoy getting a little damp down there. I think it’s because it’s so molestery. That fits in this case; a 6’6”, 290 lb. guy who wants to penetrate a stranger with a lobster claw.
I know, I asked for it.