Gag Me With A…

gag reflex – w4m – 38
i’m a 38 year old woman who’s never been able to give a blow job. i have a really sensitive gag reflex, and everytime i’ve tried, i’ve ended up vomiting. it’s not pretty, especially the first time it happened when i was sixteen in the backseat of my parents station wagon. but the thought of it (sucking it, not throwing up) turns me on so much that i’d really like to keep trying.
so, if your dick is on the smaller side (seriously, i can hold a teaspoon in my mouth for 45 seconds, a big wooden spoon makes me throw up immediately) and you’re willing to risk getting your cock and balls barfed on, maybe we can work something out. i’m
reply with a pic, and some words of wisdom.
yours in all seriousness,
barfy mcgee


Posted New York

Alive for the maximum 7 days, much to my chagrin

Total Responses: 772

Face Photos: 277

Penis Photos: 73

Other Photos: 16

Photos of REALLY small wenises:  8

Men who readily admitted to inferior manhoods: 66

I hate myself.  You can’t imagine after looking at so much dick in such a short amount of time, that I could still like myself.  Too much, New York, too much.  On top of the stellar statistics up top, there were at least 3 men who identified themselves as NYPD, and one fireman going for the 9/11 sympathy vote.

Now, here’s the thing about small penises.  Those who haven’t encountered the disturbingly small ones either don’t know or don’t believe that they actually exist. Know what else doesn’t exist?  The kind of girl in this ad.  She is as make believe as dragons and unicorns.  Her kind only exists in Penthouse Forum and Casual Encounters.  Girls, as a rule, don’t particularly enjoy giving head.  Sure, we enjoy the act of turning a man on, of providing pleasure, but Jesus, if mopping turned you on, we’d have sparkling floors .  So that one paragraph above just fed the fantasy of every below average man.  Even I’m ashamed of the “I want to suck your small dick” overture.  I tried to balance that with the turn off of vomit on the junk, but the act of being able to gag a girl with your small wenis won over the puke part.  New York: 1, Me: 0

Here’s some words of wisdom: Avoid all manhood that resembles the attached photo.  Don’t even bother with oral.  Let the genetleman perform oral on you and then let him penetrate you with this manhood from behind……….you’ll simply love it.  Simple.  No fuss…… bother. Life’s too short to gag on a large cock. B.C. About the “attached photo”…  It was a can of diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale, next to it a penis about the same size and shape as the soda pop.   That penis?  Super well-talcumed, so powdery and weird.  Terrible.  But, the man has a point.  Life IS to short to gag on a large cock.

Words of wisdom, not in any particular order:
1. focus on the tip, lick the sides, it’s all good for me.  Total deepthroat is not important – at least for me.  Intimacy happens way before that!
2. imagine the pleasure you get from oral sex.  wait – do you enjoy having a guy go down on you?  if not, you might consider loosening up about that as well.  if you do enjoy being licked and probed and sucked, then really imagine that happening to yourself while you are doing it to a man.  i hear you about the gag reflex, so i am talking about shifting your perspective and not paying attention to the reflex.
3. use your hands instead of taking the shaft in deep.  focus on the tip, as i said before, and use your hands to wrap and warm the shaft.  be gentle or rough depending on how the man likes it.  i like it gentle.
4. creativity, eye-contact, making sounds, using your hair, enjoying it yourself for real – all of these are more important to my pleasure than the number of inches that is in your mouth.  in fact, i worry when there’s too much in there.  where’s it going, anyway???
Finally, if you like what I’ve written in all seriousness, let me tell you that i have a gag reflex too – although I have not tried giving a blow job.  Any sort of object in my mouth – even a toothbrush or a spoon – becomes a problem very quickly.  I would love to experiment working through this with you.  Let me know if you are interested in oral parity 😉

Hi, I thought your post was very touching and I’d like to help you out. As it turns out, my penis is very well taken care of and is quite responsive to the occasional wet encounter, however, I’m writing you to mention the testicles, in particular, my pink little gems, have been urging me to introduce a virgin tongue to its dangling melieu. My penis is a nice size, 6/7 inches, and can be very hard and alert, but the balls, trimmed with Fredrick Fettai scissors, hang pink and packed with a certain swing which you’d certainly be tempted to squeeze, lick and naturally place them in your mouth and suck like a red cherry lollipop. I realize it might be jumping ahead of the pleasurable propostion to give a random blow job, but the balls, an undervalued part of the sucking experience should definitely be step #2, as you motor through your breathing excersizes. The handjob+suck and ball squeeze will be next, of course, after you’ve had practise. Are you interested?

Hi:I’m kind of blow job agnostic.  I wouldn’t hold it against anyone who just couldn’t go there for whatever reason.  I don’t have a picture (guess what?  I’m attractive) but here’s somewords of  wisdom: try using your lips.  You don’t have to take it all the way into your mouth, just the head.  I don’t know where this Deep Throat thing comes from.  Actually, I do.  Read All The President’s Men by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward.  And ping me.


Hello, We just might have a solution to your problem and mine.  I’m not a small guy, but I’m not big either.  I am a little on the thick side when fully aroused.  But that’s the problem.  Lately I’ve been unable to get really aroused, even when i like the lady and am attracted to her. I don’t want to ask my girl-friends to help me because if I don’t get fully aroused or “perform” I’ll be embarassed.  I think as long as I’m not expected to be huge I can maybe relax and get into it slowly?  When I do get a nice erection it’s about 6 or so inches nice thickness, but that hasn’t happened in a while.  Otherwise, I’m semi flaccid.  What do you think?  Been a long time since I’ve been with a woman and All I want is anything that will help me relax and have a good time, even if it’s just some groping or a bj, hell even passionate kissing, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for. I’m relatively sane (normal mental disorders like super hyper active, drink to much coffee, hate reality shows).  currently very single.  I don’t do drugs or even drink (even though it used to help me relax). latin man, 36, 5’10-11″  180lbs, decent shape (ex martial artist).  Clean, trimmed and neat, smell nice they tell me.  Easy going.  I’m an IT pro. worse case senario: you throw up on my limp cock, we laugh (hopefully), claen up the mess and I’ll take a look at your computer for anti-viruses.  Still think this CL stuff is a bit unnerving.  Only met one lady before and we went on a date.  She was a nice lady, there just were no sparks, but that’s what we were looking for and nothing else.  Different situation here.  Getting it up while you keep it down, D Not my real name (Dave)

I have a normal sized dick and would love for you to suck on it.  i don’t mind if you throw up on me.  we can try a few times till you get over your gag reflex.  i will do anything you like in return if you like

Hey there barfee mcgee.  My name’s David.  My cock’s a little on the small side I guess, it’s a little under 6, but its kind of thick.  I definitely wouldnt mind getting puked on.  I wouldnt say its hot, but I guess its kind of a turn on.  I sometimes find myself watching porn where the girl is forced to deep throat a guys cock which then makes her puke, and its kinda hot to watch.  I’m not saying that i would be looking to make you puke, because I really wouldnt, unless you wanted me to, but I’ve had girls puke before, so if you did, I’d be ok.  I’m willing to let you practice on me for as long as it takes until you’re a pro.  I’ve been with many girls before and I watch a lot of porn so I know a lot of tricks.  Maybe we can buy some books, watch some porn and try some new things.  We can experiment if you want, with condoms and without, with ice cubes or mints in your mouth, you on your knees, or us in the 69 position.  We can try everything you want to, and I promise I’ll have you sucking cock like a champ in no time.  Let me know if you’re interested.


It funny, cause you see it as a negative….yet its a turn on for me. I guess its because most people associate a girl w/out gag reflex to be loose as a goose banged by a moose. (Please excuse my language Mz. Magee) 26, tall, dark, handsome, down to earth…..pic to trade (I promise my pic won’t be blurry  lol) –rayhimself


would u like to suck it? I don’t mind if u berf it,u can berf as much time as u want it and u can try as long as u would have a fun of sucking or till u would satisfy of the way u doing it


lol. Barfy, you are too funny. And in all honestly, I’d love to see you barf all over my cock just to see if you are telling the truth. And I would honestly laugh and then almost immediately clean myself off haha. You are awesome by the way.


Good evening Miss McGee.  After you vomit do you continue sucking it?

Wow.  You got me.  I didn’t think anyone would out themselves for having a small penis.  Well good luck to you.  Try to steer clear of the creeps.


I have a small thin cock, its very suckable and you probably wont gag at all but i want a reply to know your for real And the picture attached was of a small thin cock.  He was not lying.  Men lie in the opposite direction.  They’re gonna fib about being big, not small.




Hi,  I am actually very interested in your proposition, as long as you are disease free and find some humor in this. Hard, my dick is on the average side, around 7 inches, but really small when I am not erect. My idea is to have a really great masturbation session before we meet. In theory, I wouldnt become fully erect, leaving approriate size for you to practice. If completely erect, I would prefer to wear a condom to protect against vomit. I am in no way squemish. So, about me: 6’4″ 220, 25, white male, educated, working professional, attracted to older, mature women, completely normal, disease/drug free, just looking for an interesting time. I can provide a pic upon request. I hope to hear from you soon and good luck with your mission.


perhaps because all the cocks you’ve sucked smelled funny?  not a far-fetched idea


On day six, this poor woman emailed…twice. have you seen this man send him home to his wife!!!! and SEND HIM HOME TO HIS WIFE IF YOU SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!! And there’s the reason I’m never getting married.



hi barfy i think i have a solution to your problem there is a spray called hurricane used by doctors and paramedics before they intubate a patient it is sort of a desensitizer and guess what? i have some as i am a paramedic!! drop me a line and lets see if this can help you out!

I can put some topical anesthesia .. lets  see cherry flavored so you can eliminated  gag reflex I do the same with my patients durign the x-rays.. Inever think something like tha t but I am positive that  it will work.. I would like th have a blow  jobn but I would like to go out and  have fun first…and see if  we can click If  not you already have  the idea.. I will give  you the topical (Benzocaine 12%) See you later.. Ahh about me 5’11” muscular  fit.. good looking  like to be on shaoe  and look good ( if  aprt of my job !) Steve. I would hope that my dentist is a little more diligent about his grammar/spelling/punctuation/whatnot.  Oh, only a hygienist you say?  Well in that case…


Hey bad reflex,  I actually responded to your post yesterday but I was at work and in a terrible hurry! Not that it makes too much of a difference but I realized my spelling and punctuation where atrocious as I reread my response and it bothered me this morning to see how unintelligent I must have come off. I will stick by everything I did say about helping a former girlfriend with the same problem. I can only imagine the hundreds of emails you have and will continue receiving from this post so I will include another face pic for you to lose amongst the 2 line vulgarities (probably not a word) and crotch shots that no doubt stuffing your inbox.  I DO REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO GETTING TOGETHER WITH YOU!!  B CAREFUL –

Good Morning barfy…I get the feeling that you are indeed serious in your request for help, and so I am responding in all seriousness.  I understand your rationale for doing what you are.  It even makes sense on some level, but you are missing an important factor.  Why is it that you have a hyperactive gag reflex?  Yes, you can desensitize yourself, but you haven’t gotten to the cause.  Treating just the symptom will not necessarily cure you… and therefore will thwart the NEED that you have to provide for a stimulating and satisfying blow job for both you and your partner.  The possibility also exists that you will not be able to control your gag reflex, and thereby not satisfy your NEED… but with your motivation, I don’t think that is a problem.  My suggestion is (if possible) to go for counseling.  If nothing else, it will feel good knowing that there are others who have the same problem.  The other suggestion is to find a good hypnotist.  Hypnosis works.  Just be careful who you choose to help. If you wish to discuss this further, you can reach me at HypnoDominance Good luck.

Hi, I just thought i would share some ideas.  I don’t think it is the size.  I think it is what the dick represents.  You might want to try a woman therapist, to go behind the issuse.  It might be similar to all the woman who don’t like to get eaten out, they think it’s dirty.  The other ideas I have is NCR.  You can look that up by going to a website i think is the website and then u go to the link-locate a rolfer.  The 7th session –the process is a 10 session process; the rolfer works in the mouth and nose area—creating much more space.  Lastly, there is hypnosis.  Good Luck, The fact that it’s called Rolfing is ironic, as rolfing is slang for puking.  What he’s referring to is having somebody physically stretch my throat for me.  At least they’d be professional about it.



As I was reading your posting, I was reminded of a Charlie Chaplin saying: “Everything is a gag.” I think the Little Tramp has the best advice for you. Your gag is a gag. It is funny and you should go with it. Don’t make it a drama; think laughs. I would be most willing to be a player in your comedy. Me, fortysomething, tall, and fit. Let me know if you need a co-star. Seriously, this entire thing is a gag.  And they’re all my stars.  And it’s making me puke.